Friday, August 11, 2006

why do you always assume it's me?


Dear Mommy

When you come home efurry day and see stuff all ofurr the floor that was on the tables when you leaved for werk, why to you fink I am the one who put it there? Just 'acause I frow stuff off the night stands, and sometimes frow stuff off the dining room table, it might not be me who is frowing stuff off the ofurr tables. Here are some fings you should 'vestigate

1. Miles - he's not all the innocent
2. Trixie - you only fink she's too stiff to jump up on fings.
3. Dutchess - ok, I know that she lives behind us and has one of those tingle collars, but it's possible.
4. The fat, fluffy ginger kitties that torment me efurry night at the back door. They hate me and they want me to get in trouble. I don't know how they gets in, they're sneaky, and did I tell you they hates me?
5. The aliens from the UFO that was outside a couple of monfs ago
6. The hedgehog that was outside a couple of monfs ago

I really fink that the ginger kitties are getting in and frowing stuff around while I am napping nicely on the cowch. Maybe we need a 'larm system installed.


Fat Eric said...'s certainly a mystery. Tell me more about the fat, fluffy ginger kitties, are they relatives of mine?
You asked what courgettes are. So my mum has looked up courgettes, she says Mericans call them zucchini, but efurrybody else calls them courgettes!

DEBRA said...

OH NO you have aliens?
What do they look like?
Wow I has nefur seen an alien before.

Momma Meezer you'd better in-ves-tie-gate this matter quick. Don't want no aliens taking Sammy, Miles or Trixie hostage.

Hi to my sweetest most gorgeous blue-eyed Sammys!

Purrs & Headbutts

Oreo said...

Am there any woofies near you? Cause that am prolly who it is...the woofies.

Patches & Mittens said...

I think you should position some hidden cameras, like they have in the stores and catch them red pawed.

Trixie, hi bestest friend (I know it isn't you.)


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Watch out! It could be a poltergiest!

Kukka-Maria said...

Sammy, Brach has assured me he knows of no Ginger Kitty conspiracy. I think you might want to take a close look at that Tuxedo Gang, though. I've heard they are quite the rowdy bunch!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Sammy, I know you're innocent just like I am! Since I've come to live here I've been accused of doing lots of naughty things...but I'm completely innocent...completely! The fact that Mom can't keep a pen on the coffee table to do her crosswords is NOT my fault. I'm sure they're rolling under the couch all by themselves. I'm sure of it!

Misty E.

Anonymous said...

Hello Meezers,
You've been tagged it's fun don't worry just go to my blog for the rules.

Zuleme said...

Hi Meezers!
Thanks for helping Finnegan and Buddy with Ramona's Top Cats! You can see we are Team number one right now!
We'll post the news at Caturday as it happens!

Miss China Paws said...

This is just like what happens to me! Just because I'm the only cat in the house doesn't necessarily mean that fur on your linen trousers is MINE!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

I think its yer mommys fault becawse she leeves frowable stuff on the table.

But if she has to blame someone then I wuld blame that hedge-hawg thing cause we dont know what a hedge-hawg is.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

I resent the implication that there is a Ginger Conspiracy! Just for that, we'll start one. I think it's either woofies or possibly your mum is sleepwalking. If you have zombies in your neighborhood, they could be the culprits...

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Wow! Thanks Meezers! We didn't efen tell efurrycat abowt our page yet, becos it's not finished, but you founded it and made a donation alreddy!! Thank you soooooo much!


Sammy, if you need my assistance, I have great success with the "mistaken identity" defense.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

okay. furrst of all we's heard it's allways good ta puts da blame on vichus deer. we've neffur seen one, but we's heard 'bout 'em. when our Lady wants ta make sure that none of the frowables ends up on da floor, she puts sumfin called "erf-quake putty" on the bottom of da fings. she gets it at some big scary place called "Home Deep-O". it holds da frowables right where she wants 'em an then we can't...i mean THE VISHUS DEER can't knock 'em on da floor. if all of you who live in places wifout erf-quakes can't get the stuff, jus let us know an we'll send ya some. cally-4-knee-a has lotsa erf-quake stuff goin on

Millie said...

Hi you guys! I am tagging you! Come to my blog for the rules!

Paw Path Cats said...

Hello! Sorry if this is a duplicate post, we're not sure if the first one went through. Thanks for your note on our blog! We came by, loved what we saw, and added a link to you guys from Can you link to us too? We're looking forward to getting to know the Meezers!

Meows & Purrs
Bambi & Leo "The Paw Path Cats"

p.s. I try to blame aliens all the time but my mom never believes me - Leo

Gemini said...

It's probably the aliens. They are bad...

Paw Path Cats said...

Hi Sammy & Miles!
Thanks for linking to us!
Bambi & Leo

Rascal said...

Sammy, what you say makes a lot of sense. I think you are innocent. Tell your mommy that if you do throw anything on the floor, you only did it because that's where it wanted to be. You were only helping.

one of us said...

Definately need an alarm system ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO

Victor Tabbycat said...

If they don't want it on the floor, they shouldn't leaf stuff where it can jump so easily. It's like food on the counter. If you don't want me jumpin on the counter to eat it, put it on the floor fur me already.

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