Monday, September 18, 2006

The Miles Report - Edishun 3


This is The Miles Report, Edishun 3

The Food Report

This cheese is the bestest cheese I has efurr eaten in my whole life. Mommy putted some on her finger and I ated it off her finger. 3 times. It was sooo good. I didn't know goats could taste that good. I also had more of that italian pig - pro-shu-toe, or as mommy says 'pra-shutte". That was really yummy. I hadded a little piece of steak too. Plus, Mommy readed all of your comments about the snacks, and gived me tem-tay-shuns 2 times in one day! Well, I had 7 bits each time, but it was more. Also, our furriend Frostin recommended the Dentibles Tem-tay-shuns, so we tried them last night and they was good!

The Outside Report - by Sammy

The big mean ginger kitties was not around too much this week. I gotted to spend lots of time looking out the patio window. There was no UFO's this week eifurr. The ofurr day, mommy hadded trimed the for-sith-eeee-a bush out front and she burned the branches in the fire pit. We watched from inside and she hadded the only the screen in the door, and it smelled good. But it was COLD out.

The Social Report

Mittens and Gemini camed to visit us this week. Mommy hadded bundled up some Trixie furs for me and Mittens patted them and sniffed them and was happy. We hadded a good time.

The Snuggling Report

Sammy has been furry needy of lots of snuggles this week. He has been laying on the pillows ofurr mommy's head, patting her head in the middle of the night. He also has gotten down in snuggling position almost efurry night. So he sleeps on one side of mommy under one of her arms, and I sleep on the ofurr side, under her ofurr arm. When she wakes up, she says her shoulders are stiff. When she sits on the couch, I has to lay against her leg, and Sammy has to lay behind her on her neck.

That is the Miles report for this week. b

Update: Me and Sammy and The Hot(M)BC crew is going to the Big Piney Woods today to visit with The Calico Girls to help them get ready for their Mom's oper-way-shun - and to purr for their Mom too.


DEBRA said...


Has you tried vell-vee-tah cheese? Momma let me lick some of it off her finger when she was makin mac-er-ron-nee and cheese the ofur night. IT was YUM-O good!

I's not much like bean food. But, I likes cheese.

Sammys I is so glad dem orinch poodins aren't bothering you dis week. Dat is NOT nice. Dey are not polite poodins.

I'll snuggle in wif you Sammys if you needs an X-tra hug or 2!

Purrs and Headbutts

Hot(M)BC said...

Furry good ree-port Miles! I gotsta fix the Cat Blogosphere ree-port now. We was all too tired after Skeezix's party to do it yesterday. Oopsy! When I's done I'll telerport ofur wif my sisfurs n Pepi and we can go visit the Big Piney Woods.
Your girlfriend cat
Sanjee :) :) :)

Carmen said...

I have to say that you eat better than I do! :)

Thanks for the report.

Kukka-Maria said...

Very thorough, Miles Meezer! I love a man who can intellectually report the news.

And who likes cheese...

Renee said...

I like goat's cheese too. Darly & I visted a goat dairy once...the goats are very friendly, but watch out for their headbutts...they don't know their own strength!

Sounds like you had a nice weekend there Meezers! Maybe Momma Meezer could use a massage from all that you kitties do massages?

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Gote cheez? Does you get heartburn from all that rich stuff & treats???? And how come you guys aren't fat? We don't get treats & we are fat?? You have good me-tab-o-lism we suppose.

Merlin said...

I really like Pancho's Cheese Dip. I don't know if your Mom can get it for you in your grosseree, but it is good.

Gemini said...

What thorough list. I sat in the windows a lot this weekend. It was nice. Except when I had to help Momma feel better the other day. That was okay but I wish she would let me take out the needles!

Patches & Mittens said...

Yes, yes, you guys, come on ofur!!!


Chaotic Cat said...

oooooo Diamond popped ... hmmm fooooood. oooooo Diamond popped, i got a new sister!!!!

Hmmmmm foooooood.

Purrs Chaos

Hot(M)BC said...

We's ready to go to the Big Piney Woods whenefur you are!

THE ZOO said...

no outside cats & no ufos----connection i think so....

Junior said...

My Meowmy shares lots of her meats with me...tuna, chicken, beef...but she has never given me cheese. Hmmmmm...waht's up with that?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

cheese is good, but we neffur tasted goat yet. where does ya suppose the UFO's are these days?

Derby said...

You are eating furry good. I don't gets much cheese of any type. Have a good time keeping all the ladies of the Big Piney Woods company while the mom and dad are gone.


Skeeter & LC said...

Ooh, we like cheese! Tastes like Mommy milk, and we licks it to death. The Big Thing only gives us little pieces from the "big high counter we aren't allowed to get on".

Skeeter liked it so much one time he almost fell asleep licking it. I had to bunny-kick him awake. LOL! And I just ate his piece and ran away!

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

you lucky kitties! we loves cheese, but They don't gives us much in case we gets either the "go"s or the "no-go"s from it. She likes shev cheese and fillydelfia and a norway cheese called yaytoast. they're ALL 'licious! we should all have a cheese-tasting someday!!

William said...

Maybe those are very happy goats!

We got no fun food this weekend. I'm going to have to talk to my mom about that.

Renee said...

a pound and a half of fur! my goodness that would be 1/2 my bunny's weight. Most of the fur that I got on me today was from the towel...both bunnies lay on it and shed lots.
She gave me tooth purs when I got her all free from the towel, so she was happy. And I still have fur on my shirt.

Rascal said...

Excellent report Cats. Glad to hear the mean gingers aren't bothering you. Our purrayers to CalicoMom too.

Catzee said...

Ooo, I loves temtations! I'm gonna ask Rascal to ask Mom to get some more kinds.

Kismet said...

Sammy - I LOVE cheese, and that kind looks delishus! I am going to tell my Person to get some.