Thursday, September 14, 2006

'Scuse me?


What do you mean "it's a treat, not a meal"?

Note to Skeeter and LC: we tried to comment on your blog, but it says that only team members can comment, so we was not allowed to.

UPDATE: Mittens is visiting us today. If any ofurr poodin wants to come and visit, stop by!
Gemini is coming ofurr too!


DEBRA said...


We needs to talk! I hassta to convince Momma to let me have MORE treats. She doesn't udderstand how much I NEED these efurryday. I fink they are better than stinky goodness.But she will only give one or two or three (see I can count Momma!) at a time. I beg and beg and it does no good. HELP Miles!

Hi to my sweetest ever most gorgeous blue eyed Sammys!

Purrs and Headbutts

Latte said...

Yeah, wha'ts with that Miles? There is obviously plenty more in the bag, why not just give me all of it?

Rascal said...

Yeah. Who says the humans are in charge anyway? Treats make a good meal.

Patches & Mittens said...

I am on my way over. Thanks for the invite.

Mittens Pollypaws

Gemini said...

Oh I will be over. We can powwow about the treats! FUN FUN. Momma works today so she will be gone any way!

Kukka-Maria said...

Snacks are distributed in small quantities. Meals are larger.

Answer: Give more treats to make them a meal.

Quite simple. What is your human's hangup?

Renee said...

Okay kitties, here's the deal. When you eat a whole bag of treats you get fat (it happens to us beans too!)
This is why you can't have all the treats. A little treat every now and then is fine...but lots of treats equal fat. Fat equals trips to the V-E-T because it makes us sick.
Momma is just loving you. Now go give Momma some love & purs.

Zeus said...

Treats are not meals? Since when? I usually get five to six large treats!

I think your human is holding out on you, Miles. You better lay down the law!

Junior said...

Yep, my Meowmy does this too! Never mind that I have dry food out all the time and I get wet food too......I want the treats for a meal now and then! Sheesh! Must we train these beans on everything?

Buzzerbee & meep said...

Yeah - seriously! Our girl certainly is a "do as I say, not as I do" when it comes to treats. She eats all the cookies, so why can't we?!?!? Hope ya got some more treats later!

Chaotic Cat said...

Hummy said one of my little bro-furs gets apple as treats from his Hummie ... have you ever eaten apple ... Hummy did a funny thing with her eye hair when she told me this.

Patches & Mittens said...

Thank you furry much for the wonderful time I had here and for letting me pet Trixie fur and smell it, one last time. I do miss her so! I was thinking, maybe she sent the little runt, so maybe I better be nice to her. Thanks, also, to your Momma. I should go home and snuggle Momma, cuz her operation is coming up next Tuesday.

Mittens Pollypaws

Victor Tabbycat said...

If we likes Temp-tay-shuns better than cat food, who are THEY to tell us which one we can haf?

Miles, in that pictor, yur eyes are as yellow as a hi-liter pen. Wild.

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh, you can haf my share of Temp-tay-shuns, Miles. I just eats my crunchies.

Gemini said...

I am furry glad you invited us over. It was a furry nice day. I'm glad I got to see Mittens too.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

psssst! Miles! okay, furrst Sanjee was flirtin wif you on her bloggie an callin you hansum. then we pointed that out an she admitted she was flirtin an finks yur hansum. now she's offerin ya Temptations. we fink she likes ya...a lot...

Derby said...

Miles it just isn't fair. We should have unlimited food of all types. Ham, temp-tay-shuns or whatever we want to eat. Right?

Kitty Cats Corner said...

We wishes we could come visit!

We heard Warm say that our granpa was born and raised in Rochester, NY, but now lives in GA near us.

Warm visited there once with Granpa and he showed her all kindsa nice places. We liked the place called somefin like Vick & Ervs cause she said they had the best hot dogs EVER! *salivates*

Purrs - Your furrends @ The Kitty Cat's Corner

PS: Make sure to vote for one of us on our bloggie! :)

Renee said...

Meezer Kitties, I would be honored to be on your blogroll. :D

Skeeter & LC said...

LC here: Ten licks for letting us know about the comments problem! We had no idea why no kitties was talking to us, and we were kind of sad about that.

But we found the "team members" thing and we fixed it, so please come and visits us again!

Skeeter is adding a post right now mentioning that problem and that it has been fixed.


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