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Thursday, May 22, 2008

ME gotted tagged for a MEMEMEMEMEME by my furriend DaisyMae Maus!!!!
the "I Am Useful" Meme (aka: Seven Useful Things Meme) ...

1. ME is useful for whapping toy for Sammy

2. ME is useful for snuggling toy for Miles

3. ME is useful for rassling partner for Sammy and Miles

4. ME is useful for eating all the foods

5. ME is useful for looking WAAAAAAYYYYYY cute to mommy

6. ME is useful for pulling stuff down off the 'tainment center

7. ME is useful for ........... being loveable!!!!

ME tags the blogosphere - there's too many kitties that I want to play - so please efurryone play!! PLAY!! PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY!!!! PWEASE?????

22 cats hollering back:

Angus Mhor said...

You ARE useful, Billy! The cuteness is MOST useful for that's what keeps you alive when all the other uses cause problems!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

your mommie is right, you are a cutie!

smiles, auntie bee

The Cat Realm said...

Billie - you are the most useful kitten!!! And the cutest!
P.S. Don't forget to go to our wedding reception blog and post your picture!

PB & J said...

Wow are you useful Billy! We'll play with you - we love to play too!

FrecklesandDeb said...

It looks like you've become very useful since you arrived, Billy!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Me love the ginger snap! ~Fiona Bun

Camie's Kitties said...

We agree with you. You are very useful. And you have learned to count to 7. Good job Billy.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Tara said...

You are so lovable Billy!


TT said...

You certainly are verys useful and entertainings Billy! I's so happy your furever home is with Miles and Sammy and the mom lady.

DEBRA said...

Billy you are so sweet and cute and cuddly we all wants to snuggle wif yu....

**wavin paws**
Bye Billy
Bye Miles

**blowin kisses**
Bye to my sweet handsome floofy cocoa puffs meezer man

Purrs and Nosekisses
Your adoring tuxie princess

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi my Billy Sweet Feets! You are the most useful and cutest kitty around! I'll play with you anytime!!! PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!!

Love, Auntie Deb

Mickey said...

Yes Billy, you are a useful,little boy :) You are useful for making me smile :)
Purrs Mickey

ML said...

Hi Billy Sweet Feets,
I loved your meme an you can come play wif me any time...
Faith Boo

jenianddean said...

Billy - you are just adorable!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

You is also useful for PLAYING with FAGIN!! PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY!! COME OFUR!! We gotta PLAY!! - Fagin

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

#5 & 7 say it all!!! You is wayyyyy cute & loveable!

Aoise said...

you must be the cutest kitty around !

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Billy, I think you have found many ways in which you are useful.

Tybalt said...

Wow . . . you are one super busy kitten, Billy! Just look at all that stuff you do!

Daisy said...

Billy, I do not know how they ever got along without you all this time!

Tyler said...

Billy, the next time your brothers tire of playing with you have them give me a call. I'll arrange for Jake to transport over. He also plays plays and plays. He'd make the perfect friend for you. And the big brothers might get a rest.

The Devil Dog said...

You are very useful, Bill. But do you snuggle Miles' toys, or do you smuggle him toys?
ha ha ha


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