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Friday, July 03, 2009
Deer Little Mr Pooty-poot:

Wow. Making the mom gag in her sleep is a GREAT trick. I bow to your superior pootiness!!!!

Your older brother (and no longer the pootiest in the house) Miles

20 cats hollering back:

Rocky, Angie & S'more said...

Hi Billy!
As our Nana always says, "better out than in!" :-)

Thank you all for your sweet comments about our little S'more. Mommy is just heartbroken. We know that S'moresy is in a better place, and we're sure we'll see her again someday!

Rocky, Angie, and our Mommy, Karen xo

Hansel said...

hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha dat iz great! -hansel

Robyn and HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

heeeeeeehehehe!!! Good one Miles!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Miles, what do you all eat?!

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hahaha you boys are always cracking me up!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo khats have the khraziest senses of humour!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

What do you guys eat? When Buddy was a puppy ... we won't go there. But he ate anything and everything, especially if it was inedible. But you're cats. You're snooty about food. So what you guys been eating?

Zeus said...

I feel like gagging after reading this. That is so gross, Billy!

Sweet Praline said...

::Praline still shakes her head::

Boys will be boys!

The Creek Cats said...

LOL!! Pawsome!

Happy 4th of July weekend to all of you!

A&S said...

they blame it on me even when it's not me! so just blame it on someone else! i bet it doesn't even stinks
marko meowii

The Island Cats said...

Billy, we don't even want to know how you did that!!!

Have a great 4th of July!!

Eric and Flynn said...

Haha! They'll be calling you Billy Stink Bomb!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Way to go Billy! Sadie does dat...ohoh, hope she don't see dis.

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

MY favrit trick is brushin The Big Things face wif my whiskers when he is asleep.

He hates that. I love doin it.

Derby said...

Are you guys eating bean burritos instead of cat food?

Camie's Kitties said...

Is Mr. Pooty-Poot a new nickname for you? We think it is great that you made your Mom gag while she was asleep. Camie was very pooty last night too.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Karen Jo said...

That was very impressive, Billy. It takes a lot to make Miles bow.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

My Billy Sweetfeets, I still think that you smell very sweet!!!

Love, Auntie Deb

Ariel said...

Lol...Ummm sorry Billy.Have a very safe and Happy 4th of July...Hugs

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