Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally Friday


We is sorry we has not visited much - mommy is sick, and therefore pretty useless. she's not even good for keeping warm on because she won't let us lay on her for too long. she says we're too "heavy" and "hot" and she "can't breathe with a cat on her face". what a baby .

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday


today ME is thankful for................... last night's turkey. ME hided some pieces and when mommy finded them this morning she didn't take them away and ME gotted to eat them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Rant


Meezer Rule will now just be at Simply Siamese. Whapping Wednesday will appear one a month. This will now be the Wednesday Rant. We have a lot to rant about.

Our rant for today - TURN THE FLIPPING HEAT UP WOMAN. We live in a freaking cave here - it's 63 degrees in this house. Your feets are blocks of ice. Your hands are like something you would find on a corpse. of COURSE our furs feel cold when you pet us. WE'RE COLD. If you won't turn up the hot air blowy things, then PLEASE put out a couple more fleece blankies!!! I don't care if you feel HOT when it's 66 degrees in here. Just becuase you've successfully lowered your core body temperature to that of a zombie doesn't mean that we can. Just because YOU wander around outside like a lunatic in 10 degree weather with no coat on and say "oh, it's not that bad out here" doesn't mean that WE haf to live in an environment like that INSIDE. Are you trying to preserve yourself in the cold or something? If you want to stay young looking, try dipping yourself in some pickling vat or something, but please, for the love of Bast, TURN UP THE FLIPPING HEAT.
PEE ESS:: ZEUS IS BACK!! ZEUS IS BACK!!!! If you nefur meeted Zeus, go meet him now. He's awesome and we haf missded him so much.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dancing Tuesdays With Billy


Do you love me
Now that I can dance???

ANNOUNCEMENT: We just wanted to let efurryone know that there are quite a few blogs out there that we can no longer comment on. The blogs wif the embedded comments that also haf werd verification we cannot comment on 'acuse the werd for the werd verification nefur comes up . We is sorry, but we just wanted you to know that we is still bisiting you! - All of us

Monday, February 23, 2009

Meezer Monday Miles Report - Post Party Edishun


Here is the post party Meezer Monday Miles Report

The Foods Report - ::SIGH:: - just chick-hen this weekend. The mom said NO to the pork chops 'acause there was herbs on them that she didn't think I would like. How would she know??? SHEESH

The Weather report - we was 'posed to get lots of snow like our furriends in whiskerconsin did this weekend, but we didn't get it. i guess that's ok. I doesn't haf to go out in it.

The Bill Report - Billy must haf partied too much on Saturday. He didn't efen want brekfest or dinner on Sunday!!!! And he didn't RUNRUNRUN PLAYPLAYPLAY at all!!!

The Dungeon Report - by Sammy - I KNOWED that it would happen. The Mom keeped me out of the dungeon for so long that the ghosts haf taken ofur!! I sneaked down there on Friday and the ghosts was all ofur the place. I guess I was a little loud when I was telling them to go away, and The Mom ranned down there to "rescue me". I was the one keeping HER safe.
Back to you Miles

Thank you weirdo - I mean Sammy.

Well, I'm still tired from the party, so I'm gonna nap for a while.

That is the MeezerMonday Miles Report for today

Sunday, February 22, 2009



hoooo boy - are we tired around here. what a great gotcha day party for Billy!! Thank you all who came and partied with us. We have such wonderful furriends!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mine Gotcha Day Party




there will be music to DANCEDANCEDANCE to
and toys to PLAYPLAYPLAY with
and beds and quilts and snuggles to SNUGGLESNUGGLESNUGGLE ON
and then lots of room to RUNRUNRUN.


Hey efurrycat, we hopes to be at the party on Chatzy at about noon EST. We will post the link at 10am. Billy has to go to the v-e-t at 9:15 for a check on his breathing.
You can go to the party anytime after the link and password post.

In the meantime, Billy would like to get efurryone in the mood to DANCEDANCEDANCE

Friday, February 20, 2009

FInally Friday


We are so glad it's Friday! Billy has been just jumping around and hollering about his party tomorrow. (see yesterday's post - today is his gotcha day but he was so 'acited that he hadded to cellybrate yesterday) We will have a post with the Chatzy information in the morning.

In other news, the mom has been very annoying and uncooperative the last couple of days. She's complaining about us waiting outside the door to the forbidden room - she keeps saying that if we don't move when she opens the door, and she falls over us, we'll be sorry. Well, we WILL be sorry if her huge butt lands on us, but otherwise, I think that we have it all planned out that if she trips over us, she will just slam her head on the balcony railing and go straight down - and we will have moved by then. But for some reason, she's being pretty uncooperative about the whole thing and stepping over us.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday With Bill

Tomorrow is mine Gotcha Day!!! ME hollered at my mom lady person in the parking lot of the foods store on Feb 20. and the mom lady person bringed me home. This was ME on Feb 20, 2008. ME was teeny tiny - me was 6 monfs old and weighted 3 pounds. ME hadded really really bad sore unner my chin that was oozy and bleedy and herted LOTS. ME spent my ferst night wif the mom lady person doing nose bumpies and purrrrrrrrring all night
MOM LADY PERSON: Hey peanut, how come you don't do nose bumpies or purrrrr lots for me anymore?
BSFNG: Mom Lady Person, ME has you - ME knows you is not going to send ME back outside. ME needed to make shur that you could keep ME, so ME maded nice wif you. BUT, ME still finks you is the right MLP for me.

The Mom Lady Person saided that we could haf a party on Saturday for mine Gotcha Day, so EFURRYONE IS INVITED. The MLP saided that we could haf Chatzy Party starting at NOON EASTERN TIME. MLP saided that we might not be on Chatzy all the time on Saturday, but ME wanted to make shur that my furriends in other countries could come and DANCEDANCEDANCE and EATEATEAT and PLAYPLAYPLAY!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


Rule for today - if you get into the back of the recliner, be prepared to be squished when you poke the mom in the butt with your mighty claw of doom. And don't whine about it........ BILLY


Whapping lesson for this week: as fun as it is to launch something at your mom's head while she is sitting on the human litterbox, you haf to ask yourself if it's funny to whap her in the head wif a brush or whether it's just gonna make her mad. The answer's funny.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dancing Tuesdays with Bill


This one is from before they even invented color!!! WOWIE

::swivles hips::

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles Report

The sad report - it's been a sad weekend here in Western NY. Please say some extra speshul purrayers for the families of all those who lost their lives in the plane crash in Buffalo.

The Sick Report - Mommy has hadded a sore and swollen throat all weekend. We've been purring on her.

The Valentimes Report - we hadded a quiet valentimes day wif our speshul ladycats.

The Foods Report - lets see: sausage, eggs, steak, somefing called Hash which was gistusting, bacon just for me, and chick-hen.

The forbidden room report, by Sammy Meezer - Fank you Miles. This weekend I sneaked into the forbidden room where mommy keeps her clothes so that they doesn't haf cat furs all ofur them for werk. I crawled around the closet and got on the big windowsill and played wif the shades. There were no aliens there, but I did sense some ghosts, but they didn't bother me. Which is good 'acuase I haf learned that it's furry hard to whap a ghost. Back to you Miles

Ooooooo-k Sammy. You're a little weird.

The Bill report - well the little ginger monster was BAD on Sunday. He was really kranky and was biting and chasing me and Sammy, and he tore out our furs!!! in clumps!!! Mommy was MAD at him. Then he hadded a coffing fit and was quiet the rest of the day.

That is the Meezer Monday Miles Report for today.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Prayers Needed


Please pray for the families of the vicitims of the plane crash near Buffalo last night. Mommy works near there and she is waiting to hear whether any of her co-workers were involved. There are rumors around her werk and people are furry upset and they are all praying that the rumors are not true.

Finally Friday


I's happy it's Friday. although I'm mad at the mom 'acuase she has not helped us post about our awards that our wonderful furriends haf gived us this week. She says I can put it in my Meezer Monday Miles report post.

Tomorrow is Love Day. I loves my Sanjee so much!!!

Oh, and I stole part of a pork chop last night. YEAH!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things about ME.

Since my gotcha day is coming up soon, ME wants to tell efurryone fings about me - so new furriends know what happened to me 'afore and old furriends learn new stuffs.

1. ME finded the mom lady person in a parking lot. ME hollered at her and she saided "if you want to come home with me, then come over here" and ME ranned to her. She HADDED to take ME, 'acuase she saided she would.

g. ME has herpes virus and it maded me blind in one eye, and it makes me wheeze and cough and haf a hard time breafing. V-E-T person saide that ME would be blind in my bad eye forefur and that ME would be sick lots and lots, and nefur breathe right. He saided that me gotted bugs from eating bad stuffs when ME lived in parking lot.



q. the hammick upstairs is MINE.

5. The hammick downstairs is MINE.

#. ME follows mom lady person all ofur the house, but ME has not tolded her that ME loves her. ME loves BillyDad though.

D. ME LOVES to be carried all ofur the house. BUT, ME does NOT like to be held when mom lady person is sitting down.

2. ME LOVES playing in bathtub. ME loves to put my feets in the hot water when mom lady person is playing in the water. ME even licks the bubbles.

&. Mom Lady Person calls ME Peanut. She says ME is little like peanut. V-E-T person says ME weights 16 pounds, but Mom Lady Person says ME only weights 10.

y. ME LOVES going to v-e-t. They is furry furry nice and they carries me all ofur the place. ME purrrsss so much that v-e-t man cannot lissen to my heart or lungs.

b. ME LOVES playing THoE wif Meezer kitties.

13. ME LOVES to DANCE!!!!! (don't tell her, but ME loves when the mom lady person picks me up and dances wif me. promise you won't tell, mmmmkay?)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


Meezer Rule for today - when the mom disses you and does NOT gif you steak from her plate, make sure to send your brother to another room to whap something heavy off a nice high table or shelf.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dancing Tuesays With Bill


The Mom Lady Person says to say this, and most moms will know what it means:

"A whop bom a loom a, a whop bam boom"

Monday, February 09, 2009

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles report for today:

The Foods Report: chick-hen, eggs, bacon. That's all I was allowed to eat. phooey. I really wanted some ribs. But again, the mom said something about flaming boo-tay. I doesn't care. I want RIBS. RIBS. RIBS. RIBS.

The Weather Report - we hadded 8 inches of snow this week, on top of the over a foot we already had on the ground. then it gotted warm. and now we haf a lake of slush in the back yard. and mommy says that it's below freezing tonight so we has a lake of thawed and then frozed slush. FUN!!

The Weird things report - our mommy has losted her mind. she grates her feets wif a cheese grater and then sands them wif a huge nail file and then puts greasy stuff on them and says that she is so happy that her feets doesn't snag the rug anymore. She is completely out of her mind. Oh, she says it's not really a cheese grater but somefing she gotted just for grating feets. now that's even WEERDER. We had two-lips growing inside. Mommy gotted a pakage in the mail of chick-hen frying stuff she has not ordered for over 3 years and did not buy. and the packing slip says she did, but there were no green papers taked out of her accounts, so she has no idea why she gotted the pakage. Billy likes dog foods. Our woofie furriend and sometime visitor who visited us overnight Saturday night gived Billy a baf. Even um............ huh. you know.

There is not ghost or alien report because Sammy has been too busy chasing mommy around hollering BRUSH ME. And mommy has not allowed him to go to the dungeon.

The more foods report - I think I want to try that tv diet that all those sports guys try - it says they send "man food". I think I would like "man food".

The Hobby Report - I haf a new hobby. Laying next to the mom on the couch and bunny kicking her to get her to move over and gif me more room. It's a great hobby.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Finally Friday


Today is my bestest furriend Fagin's purrfday!! ME is going to his party to fish and sail on the Black Furball!! YAY!!! ME is so 'acited ME wants to PLAYPLAYPLAY!!!


The mom falled alseep AGAIN before she helped us blog. I'm going to be shopping online today for a bat or something to use to keep her awake.


Not only that, but she woke up LATE so I did not get my full allotment of brushing time this morning. Just a few swipes with the brush. This is totally unacceptable. Hey Miles, make shur that the bat you buy is al-looo-ma-num. Wait, if you knock her out, how is she 'posed to stay awake to help us. I think we need to rethink this plan.


Oh, I wasn't thinking about knocking her out, I was just looking forward to enjoying the noise of the bat hitting her head. I wasn't gonna hit her really hard. just enough to get her attenshun.


Still, maybe we should be looking for a wiffle bat or something like that. OHHH!! WAIT!!!. Lets get a big bucket an fill it with ice water!!! Then we can pour it over her to wake her up. That would werk.


Yeah, and it would be cheaper too. Ok, you steal, errrr, find her plastic money card and I will start looking for a bucket.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen things heard 'round here this past week

1. Sammy, if you jump up on the human litterbox while i'm trying to sit down on it, you WILL end up in it

2. Sammy please get out of the closet - you're not supposed to be in here in the first place

3. No, really Sammy, OUT of the closet. NOW.

4. I'm not kidding furrball, get OUT OF THE CLOSET.

5. Don't make me come in there after you.

6. Ok fine, stay in the closet. When I close the door to the room you will be in there all day with no foods or litterbox.


8. Ok, BYE!! I'm closing the door now.

9. Oh, is that you knocking on the door? do you want to come out?

10. Don't look at me like that

11. and don't be doing no "kitty high fives" with your brothers either.

12. I'm on to your game little man

13. now that i'm running late, i don't have time for your "i don't like this stinky goodness" game. eat your brekfest.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


'amember last week when we saided somefing about the mom falling asleep while trying to help us blog? Well, OUR rule for today (and whapping lesson) is that if you whap her head while she is asleep on the couch, it will only make her get up and go to the sleeping room at 2am and NOT help you blog until the alarm thingy goes off. This is a very very difficult situation for us 'acuase we likes to haf our posts done AFORE she goes to sleep. Otherwise Bast only knows when it will get done 'acuase she is completely out of her mind in the morning. It's hard enough to 'amind her that she has to pet all of us, brush Sammy, brush her smelly green teefs, wash her hair, put some clothes on, and feed us. Sometimes she forgets one of two of those things and it's just pan-dee-moan-eee-um around here.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dancing Tuesday with Billy


Continuing my werk on Tuesdays ('acuase ME works with Eduardo and my job is to make efurryone happy and dance!). Well, ME likes to DANCEDANCEDANCE. ME wants to fank Daisy and Harley for the persperation for this dance idea. Ok, well akshually it was for another dance from some guys in weerd hats, but when me and the mom lady person looked for that song we seed this one and ME loved it more.

what? it's not persperation? is you SHUR? 'acuase ME has perspired lots dancing to this song.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Well, I think I have to fill in on the Meezer Monday Miles Report because Miles is upstairs under the bed scarfing down something called a Bacon Explosion that he stole off the mom's plate - it's bacon and sausage all rolled up together. I think that billy is up there too. So, today's report:

The Basement report: There are still ghosts there. Oh, and Billy snuck down there when the water heater fixer guy was there an he sat next to the guy and snoopervised him - he was very quiet and he touched all the tools when the guy putted them down. the guy liked Billy furry much and told the mom that Billy would make a furry good plumber.

The Foods report - well, Miles got a piles of food. HAHAHAHAHA. I made a rhyme.

The health report- not much has changed - Miles is still tilted and Billy is still wheezy sometimes. We are hanging in there.

The Weather Report - oh get this. the guy on the talking picture box came up with this awesome prediction: On Tuesday we could be in the bullseye for a major snow storm. OR, it could miss us altogether. WOW. And he went to kollig for that. In the mean time, we have about a foot of new snow on the patio from this past week.

Oh, here comes Miles for his report:

MILES - buuuuuuurrrrrrrp. ::blush:: OH CRAPPITY CRAP CRAP CRAP.

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...