Friday, February 28, 2014

Freaky Friday


I hadded a weerd dream last night - that there were weerd aliens around - aliens that kind of looked like me and Miles.  But not quite. 


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fankful Thursday


I am fankful for the following: 

That I get to put mine butt on Miles when we share the chair with mom.  It keeps me warm. 

That mommy lets me sleep unner the covers wif her - it keeps me warm

That mommy has gone back to leaving a big bowl of crunchies out for us during the day.  

That she has not caught me climbing the curtains, but she says she has "suspishuhs" that it's me. 

That mommy is not yelling at me for biting Miles anymore - I am trying to be good.  And he is trying to not be cranky or stink or whatever it is that makes me want to bite him. 

That Billy still loves me and lets me snuggle with him.  

 That mommy lets me lay on her legs on the chair.   

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Griping Tuesday


The foo-ton dood says that I has to gripe today . So ok, I haf no prollem with that.  

Gripe #1:  Nicky, get your butt off me.  Whenever I am asleep I wake up to find your butt touching me somewhere.  It's gross.  

Gripe #K:  Billy - stop stealing mine foods.  When the mom gives me bites of food stop sticking your paw in and swiping it.  I doesn't want to eat something your wet paws has touched.  Yeah, I know that there's enuf foods for both of us, but can't you just wait your turn? 

Gripe #8:  Sammy - Dood, is it cool to spoon another dood when you sleep?  It's kind of weerd to wake up and find you spooning me.  Not that I mind that it's warm, but also, your bref could knock over a elefant.  And it's still not as bad as the mom's bref.  

Gripe #5:   Nicky - yes I know you want a drink of water.  That is why I choose to stick mine paws in and lick the water off of them.  It serves eleventy four purposes but mostly it: cleans mine paws, I get to drink, it makes the water funky for the rest of you thereby annoying all of you and mostly annoying the mom and making her change it.  

I think that about covers the gripes for today.  


Monday, February 24, 2014

Meezer Olympics


Well the Meezer Olympics are over.  I winned!! hahahahahahahaha!!

Here are some pikshurs!!!

Misty won the Freestyle off the Balcony - she took it to a whole new level!!!

Billy had a little sledding accident - and he didn't even look concerned
Shaggy did well in the bobsled napping event
and me and Billy and Sammy and Miles had quite the time with a skiing event
I think that Sammy crashed into me though.  He doesn't like it when I win. 

We hopes that you all had fun with your Olympics events - like the biathalon-napping, and the cross-country napping. MOL

Friday, February 21, 2014

Meezer Olympics and a special day


Stay tooned to this station for a final reporting of the Meezer Olympics - several categories are under protest (mainly by Miles) and Misty from The Crew is going to join us for the Freestyle Skiing off the balcony.  We will have pikshurs of the events and medal ceremonies here on Monday.  Plus, we has to finish the tub hockey tournament and the final event of butt boarding in the half pipe.  Anyone is welcome to join us in these final events. 


Oh sweet Billy, I know today is your GOTCHA DAY!!!!! You have come a long way these last few years.   

Your first night here - you were such a little mess.  (and that's why you named me BILL right? For "Bill the Cat"?)   oh sweetie pie, I did not even think you were going to live.  You were so sick and had a huge sore under your chin that was so infected.  And your eyes were such a mess and you could not breathe.  But you wanted no DEMANDED to come home with me.  

 But I lived right? 

Yep.  you were a very cute babycat

And you grew up into a handsome mancat

 With a very important job

and you like a lot of special things

and I'm very glad you got gotted!! or rather, I got gotted by YOU!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meezer Olympics


Here is the current competition medal count: 

Meezer Bobsled down the stairs:  Gold - Nicky  Silver - Billy  Bronze - Miles

Meezer Luge down the stairs:  Gold - Miles  Silver - Sammy  Bronze - Nicky

Meezer Ice Dancing on the balcony rail:  Gold, Silver and Bronze - Nicky

Meezer Bathtub Hockey - Gold Medal Round:  Nicky vs Billy - to be played at 3am   Bronze Medal Round:  Sammy vs Miles - really whoever shows up will win.  

Pairs kitchen floor skating - Gold Medal - Nicky and Sammy  Bronze Medal - Billy and Miles

Freestyle Skiiing off the balcony and landing - We are opening this up to anycat or anywoofie who would like to pawticipate.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Meezer Monday Miles Report

Nicholas Naughtypants

Mommy says I has to apologize to whiney brat Miles for making him scream like a little girl chasing him around and biting him.  But I can't help it, he's really cranky.  He even hissed mommy.  Mommy says he may haf to go to the v-e-t, but she is not sure.  He gets so upset that the v-e-t cannot examine him because he pees on everything and pants so hard he gasps for breath.  anyway Miles I'm sorry you are cranky and that I have to chase you and bite you because of it.  Maybe you should stop being cranky.   

In other Meezer news, Billy has placed first in the Meezer olympic sport of ham-mick sledding and Sammy has placed first in the luge down the stairs.  I am competing in hallway speed sliding.  I think I'm winning.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Miles Wednesday


Hi efurryone, it's me. I sorry I has not been around for a while.  Although tricking Sammy into thinking he sent me to Bora Bora was fun.  But akshually I has not been around much 'acuase I has the barfs. Not all the time.  But for some reason I cannot explain, Nicky makes me nervous and then I start barfing efurrywhere.  He likes to chase me and bite mine belly and mine back, and I does not like that.  He does not do this alot when the mom is here, or when she is awake, but he will do it in the middle of the night on the bed, and it wakes the mom up, but by the time she hollers at him it's too late-  I's too upset and I barf.  on the bed.  we doesn't know what to do to make Nicky stop.  This is new for him and for me.  Ushually we lay all cuddled up together.  And we still do sometimes, but sometimes he's just MEAN.  And I's a furry sensitive kitty.  I does not like it when other kitties are mean - 'speshully to me.  So we has to figure out what to do to make him stop being mean so that I can stop barfing.  Any sugjestions?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Meezer Monday Miles Report



Oh, me thinks Miles is sleeping so ME is going to do the BILLY SWEETFEETS ORINCH MENISS REPORT

The Foods Report - ME gotted ice cream and beef soups!!! YUMMY THEY WAS GOOD

The NICKY report - ME loves mine little brofur and ME hugs him and snuggles him lots during the day.  He's a good boy

The Sammy report - ME does not know why he keeps hanging out at the dungeon door and howling for the mom lady person to let him down there.  ME thinks he is crazy.  He also hangs out in the human litterbox room and hollers for the MLP to go poop or something. He's very very weird.  He will not let the MLP poop without him there.  ME does not want to be anywhere NEAR the human litterbox room when she's doing that.  UGH.  

The alien report - ME has been chillin wif mine furriend Maxx.  He lives in the nayborhood now that his dad man lady person moved here.  ME and him chill out in front of the slidy door and rassle or just sleep.  He loves all the snow we has and he like to tunnel in it, then go inside and lay on his dad man lady person's bed when he's all wet.  MOL.  

The Miles report - Miles is being cranky lately.  He bited Nicky and he smashed Sammy in the face and cut Sammy's nose. He doesn't get near ME 'acause ME chases him all ofur the house and ME bites his butt.  ME does not put up wif his horsecrap.  MOL


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Snow? We has LOTS of it


The mom says we has a FOOT of snow!  
 It doesn't look like this!
 Or this

Snowball fight anyone? 

Monday, February 03, 2014

Karma - or a very lame ending


Ok, so I's ready to see what's going on down in the dungeon.  I keep hearing voices calling me down there.  Something about "it's fun" down there.  Well YEAH it's fun down there - there's things down there the mom does not want me playing wif - like the chrissymouse wreath wif all the fake snow on it, and lots of things to climb in! But I's not sure of the voices, some of them sound like Miles, but I's sure I packed him up and sent him to Bora Bora. 

At ferst when I heard the voices from the dungeon I thinked that it was this:

No way was I going down into the dungeon for that!!!!! ::shudder::

Then I thought I would meet up with this:   (can you see it?  EEEKK)
So taking mine life into mine own paws, I wented down to the dungeon.  And I finded THIS:  Looks comfy!!! and nice!!!!  Hey Miles, glad to see you back from Bora Bora!!
Miles??  Nicky!!! how are you? Billy??  How come no one is answering me??  uh, wait, they're just STUFFED ANIMALS??  um, guys????  where are you??? Come on out,, this is not funny.  Oh hey bartender dood, has you seen mine.................AHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS ARE YOU???????????   SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!
:::shaking::: Sammy, wake up buddy!! wow you had a long nap!! are you ok??
::opening eyes:::  nap?? The mom?? is that you?? 
::the mom:: - yes, you had a long nap sweetie!! did you have a bad dream??
Dream?? I doesn't know, was it a dream?? or am I still in a nightmare???

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...