Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos

Charlie is the newest member of KC and Missy Blue Eye's family. He has been at the v-e-t for a LONG time and has many prollems. BUT, he's home now wif MommyML and DaddyCharley. He has LOTS of v-e-t bills. So, for each submission today, we will donayte 2 green papers to help wif his v-e-t bills. Plus, it's ML's purrfday weekend and we thought this would be a nice purresent for her.
Oh, and Charlie Taylor Sherwood is NOT a Bad Kitty Cat. But that's ok, somecat has to be the good one!
Now, THIS is a cat who knows how to sing:
But THIS cat, well, he's just a little, er, weerd

Katie presents Electric Shaver of Death posted at A Byootaful Life.

Well of COURSE all kittys should be worshipped: Rahel presents Irresistible posted at Elms in the Yard.

Kashim & Othello and Salome presents Easy like Sunday? posted at Kashim & Othello and Salome Sally looks adorable on a Sunday. Is she really a Bad Cat?

Here's another cute kitty who's really just confused

Potted Plants or Bad Kitty Cats? Eric and Flynn presents The Friday Flashback - Thanks Mum. posted at Eric and Flynn's Adventures

Mog presents Wordless Wednesday posted at Mind of Mog

Happy Gotcha Day William - you are a wonderfully bad kitty!!!

Amber has the Tortitude!!!

Speedy, you really doesn't haf to 'pologize - a mancat's gotta do what a mancat's gotta do!

Just What is That Wally Doing?

Oh get ready, Karl and The Cat Realm are gearing up for antoher dare!!!

Attack Cat!!!!!

Sanjee presents Furriends Friday posted at House of the (Mostly) Black Cats (my girlfriendcat could never be a bad cat - Miles)

Harley Gets Gass. hmm, oh maybe that's Harley Gets Grass

awww Seaborne, dude, I'm so sorry. I'd be irritated too (he has a little "personal" issue)

Hey Rusty, those are some great footprints

Miss Gemini, was a little bit bad with Miss Georgia. Miss Georgia, we will miss you.

Samantha and Mr Tigger are being their bad selves!!! Love the Jeep!

Willow, make sure your cat food budget is big enough!

China is doing a great job of clipping coupons.

Sweet Praline is sometimes not so sweet!


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

What a wonderful thing to be doing! You three and your Meezer Mommy are great!!!

We submit:

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Happy Sunday!

What a furry interesting post!

It surely has my interest up! All those khytties!


Honey P. Sunshine said...

mr. charlie is a furry hansum curly cat

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Yayy for Sammy, Miles and Billy, and of course Meezermom for helping wiv Charlie cat's bills.

Daisy said...

I loved the singing cat! We would like to submit: Harley Gets Grass

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

We paypalled two bucks and with your help, the fund will grow! You guys are great! Here's our link:

Gemini and Ichiro said...

We have sent ours in on the form. Gemini is kind of a bad little cat...

Samantha & Mom said...

Her is our Post for today!! You all are so cool!! (((((((((LOTS of hugs from our house to yours!!!))))
Your FL furiends,

Here is our post for BKCFOK!!

Hansel said...

we absolutely LOVED your videos today guys!

Katie said...

Great round-up! Thanks for hosting. =)

Sweet Purrfections said...

This is great! I am submitting my post on being fiesty!

Max said...

Well this is cool, but I suppose it would be bad form for me to leave 500 comments... ;)

Robyn and The (Mostly) Badass Cat said...

Yall did GRATE guys! Woo hoo! Them kittie videeohs are super. I laffed and laffed.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Pee Ess. Miles, it is FUN snugglin wif yoo on the foo-ton!

Good bye my sweet Nicky

 Good bye my sweet sweet Nicky.  You has a hard time sometimes with your brain injury, but you were always so sweet.  I love you to the moon...