Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Ferst Furrsday Furrteen


Thirteen Things about SAMMY

1…. I am an applehead Siamese cat

2....I am 2 1/2 years old

3....I was found abandoned in my mommy's garden. She tried to find my home but could not, so I gotted to live wif her furefurr

4....I love FEV-VERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.... I don't really like stinky goodness that much. I will nibble at it, but not really eat alot of it.

6....I love TEM-TAY-SHUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!

7....I have a sweet little furriend named ABBY who is a manx kitty - she doesn't haf a tail.

8....I have to sleep on my mommy's head efurrynight, or I cannot get any rest, and then I'm kranky the next day.

9....If it doesn't get a tummy rub, I get kranky

10....I can turn off mommy's 'larm klok all by myself when it beeps

11....I hates hafing my pikshur taken - i ushually just play "bobblehead doll" so they all come out fuzzy

12....I likes to sit on the elevated floor in our house. It's my favorite spot.

13....I loves to push fings off all the tables in the house when mommy is not home, so that when she gets home, she has to put them all back.

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Patches & Mittens said...

I don't care for Stinky Goodness that much either, but love Temp-ta-shions! Mistrie loves Stinky Goodness, and so does Precious. Sometimes I think those two would eat anything! Love your list, Sammy.


Kukka-Maria said...

Welcome to the world of Thursday 13! While I would have loved to read about my boyfriend, Miles (sorry Sammy), I thought this was a great idea!

I can't wait to employ the "bobble-head technique" with the paparazzi!

Gemini said...

Great first TT Sammy! It almost makes me wish to end my break early, but I won't, I won't!

DEBRA said...

My sweetheart Sammys!

Yur furst efur Furrteen Fursday! I is so m-pressed! I didn't knoos dat yu didn't like yur pixchur taken? Yu is such a handsome kitty! So I did learns somefink bout yu 2-day! I am so happy to yur speczial furfriend!

:::wavin paws::::
Hi Miles -- yur next!

Purrssss and Headbutts

Christine said...

Welcome to T13,Sammy! My lovely kitties love to turn on my alarm clock too!

Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

You're very very smart Sammy, and you're so very handsome.


Buzzerbee & meep said...

Soda came out our mom's nose when she read your "bobblehead doll" comment! We wanna know if that's another type of Meezer, since we know that you're a applehead!

Zeus said...

Alright, Sammy! Welcome to the world of the Thursday 13! I think you did a fine job introducing yourself to the entire kingdom of TT, and I really liked your list. Good work!

Kismet said...

I PUSH STUFF OFF TABLES TOO!!! Well, not really tables, but off my Person's dresser, all the time!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wunnerful TT! I haf tu rite mine now toooo!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

great list! we're furry impressed 'bout the 'larm clok. our Lady uses her sell fone 'larm an we hazzn't figgered that out, but i tries ta put the bitey on the cord an fling it ta the floor

Jake and Bathsheba said...

I don't like stinky goodness either. Give me some good dry food and Temptations and I'm satified (though I like a little taste of milk, butter, and chicken too).


Sammy, it doesn't hurt to have your picture taken. When you're handsome like you, you need all the internet humans to worship your beauty, and they can only do it through photos.

~Jake (self-proclaimed king of poses)

Renee said...

Very nice TT Sammy. How incredible that you wandered into your forever home.

And perhaps those things behind the door you can't get opened are there to keep you from knocking them down?

And if your mom really wants to keep you off that TABLE, I know a great trick.

Rascal said...

Good job, Sammy!

Anonymous said...

Nice list. :) That's sad that you were found abandoned in your mom's garden, but she's very lucky to have found you!

Elevated floors are great. :) I don't sleep on my mom's head, but I do sleep between my mom and dad. It's the warmest spot in the house, and with no fur, I need to stay warm!

Nice to get to know you better. :)

Have a good day. :)

Caylynn & Dragonheart

Carmen said...

good first thirteen!

I left you some t-r-e-a-t-s at my holiday party. Stop by!

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