Monday, December 04, 2006

My Letter to Santy Claws


Dear Santy Claws

I am attaching a pikshur to my letter so that you can see how cute I am. Mommy says I may need to rely on my cuteness in order to get on your "good boy" list.

I haf tried to be a good boy this year. If I haf done some naughty fings, it's just 'acuase I turned 1 this year and I didn't know that some fings are wrong.

1. the time I stealed the ham from mommy and ranned upstairs and ate it unner the bed

2. or jumping up and down on mommy's head when she is sleeping

3. my all around "bad manners" as she calls them, when we goes to bed.

Cripes, all of my bad deeds haf been dokumented on this blog for Santy Claws to read. Now I'm gonna get a whole trakker trailer full of coal.
But, see how cute I am? If I promise to be a good boy from today until Christmas, will I get some purresents?

This is my wish list:

1. Really long and wide Velcro Strips for the bedroom wall and ceiling
2. Velcro paw covers to walk on the velcro strips on the bedroom wall, so that I can achieve my lifelong goal of standing on the ceiling
3. A pot belly pig. No, not to eat. to haf as a pet
4. A country ham from Virginia (oh wait, if I eat ham in front of the pot belly pig, he will gets upset and start oinking really loud. Maybe a stuffed toy pot belly pig will be better than a live one).
5. Breaf mints for Sammy

Please reconsider putting me on your bad list dear Santy Claws. I fink I can get some references from the cats in the catblogsphere if you needs them.

Miles Meezer (the cute one)


Max said...

Hey, if Satan brings me stuff, as rotten as I am, you KNOW he's gonna bring you something! You go that cute thing going, plus you're not, well, constantly annoyed like SOME people say *I* am.

Max said...

Oh. That shoulda been Santa, not Satan. I don't want Satan bring me ANYTHING. You either!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Nice picture Miles.
You two are good cats, not bad cats. There is no such thing as a bad cat.
Heh, heh. Max said Satan. Bet he'd bring some really bad stuff.

katnippia said...

Miles, we finks Santa claws will bring both you and Sammy prezsies. Like Scooby, Shaggy and Scout said, There are no bad kitties.

Anonymous said...

Cute ALWAYS works! And you're definitely cute!

Santa couldn't resist!

DEBRA said...

Oh Miles

SAnTa isn't gonna furget yu. He knows da diff-fur-ence a'tween a "bad" kitty (and I agrees wif Scooby and Shaggy and Scout-- there is no such fink as a "bad" kitty) and a "gud" kitty. YU R a furry gud kitty and we's all loves yu so we knoos SAnTa is gonna brings yu lots of nice finks of Chrissmas.

A pork belly pig?
Yu knoos dos get gignamourous, rite?

Ooooooooo a pork belly pig. I wonder if SAnTa can git dat in his slay?

:::wavin paws:::

Hi to my sweet and extra handsome Sammys!

Purrssss and Headbutts

Oreo said...

Poor Miles, I will giff you a refrense.

Kukka-Maria said...

Miles, I do believe that is the cutest photo of you I have ev-er seen!

Looking at it, I am reminded why I love you so (not that I need reminding).

If Santa doesn't get swayed by your sheer super-sexiness, he is made of wood and has no heart at all!

Patches & Mittens said...

You sure are cute in my book, possibly a tad naughty, but you don't hold a candle to "The Squirt" in the naughty department. I should know, she picks on me all the time. But, if you wants, I will send a letter to the Claws guy and put in a good word for you.

A trakker trailer full of coal? Does he still do that? Momma's parents used to get a whole room full of it, but I don't think the Claws guy gave it to them, I think they even PAID FOR IT!!!

That velcro idea is genius!!


Gemini said...

We will also give you a reference. Can I borrow your velcro and velcro pads if you get them?

Renee said...

Hummmm will you really stay still long enough for your mommy to help you get into the velcro pads so you can climb the walls?

That was funny about Max's comment. Hee hee

Anonymous said...

Mommy read your naughty list.She says that's nothing compare to my naughty list.Plus your so cute I'm sure Santa will give you some presents.

Anonymous said...

Miles you certainly are cute and Santa can't resist a meezer stare. I bet you'll get some good stuff. I laughed about the oinking, that's really funny!


Anonymous said...

You should be sure to eat ham in a diff'rent room from your pot belly pig. The stuffed toy pig is a good idee.

I hope you get yourself back on the list!!! Good luck Miles!

Mrs. Sniffles said...

That is one absolutely positively cute picture of you Miles. And I am so impressed you stood still long enough to be photographed!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yur picshure is so cute our Lady's thinkin' 'bout sendin' you a ham just because. 'parently cute's workin' fur ya.

Renee said...

Last year Lilly got one of those doggy stockings from WalMart and she had it all torn up in less than a month. We had to take away the plastic squeeker toys because she started eating them.

one of us said...

We will vouch for you Miles ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko kO

bat & bandit said...

how could santa resist your cute little meezer face?!?! i bet you get presents even though you were a bit naughty. after all, we're bad cats, even our blog says so, and santa brings us presents.

Anonymous said...

Miles, you are so cute we are sure you will get lots and lots of presents, and maybe even lots of ham!

Kelly Cat said...

Could anyone look into that face and say that this is a bad cat? Impossible!

As a Good Cat, I can vouch for you, Miles. You do not look like a bad cat, and you deserve lots of good things.

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