Monday, April 30, 2007

Yes, No. Yes, Yes, Maybe


YES - my hoo-has was itching and I hadded to lay on my back on the baf mat and skratch them on the door by rolling back and forf. is that a prollem?

NO - It wasn't me that tippded ofurr the table next to the couch - it was Sammy, you should know that's his M.O.

YES - I must holler at the walls - there's invisidable bugs there that need to be hollered at. If I doesn't holler at the invisdable bugs, they will get out of control, and then I must start jumping at the walls - like I did last night.

YES - I really really really hadded to lick the ofurr side of your sit around and watch your weight speshul ice cream sammich while you was eating it - i fought that we could each lick an end and meet in the middle.

MAYBE tomorrow I will be a good boy - but don't hold your breaf.


Renee said...

whew! I don't have to hold my breath. ;o)

Lux said...

Ok, none of us is holding our breath ... but you are a good boy, Miles.

Parker said...

Mommy laughed at some of the visuals - 'specially the bugs part 'cause we do that too!

DEBRA said...


We knoos yu is a gud boy!

C-ya later!
Boo, Ping, Jinx & Gracie
:::wavin paws:::

Hi to my sweet lovable handsome mancat Sammys! I misted yu yesturnday...Momma said we had to be quiets.

Purrs and Nosekisses
Your happy little angel gurl..

Daisy said...

Miles, I think you are a good boy. I like to eat the ice creams too. It tastes better when you share.

Riley & Tiki said...

Ice creams are good. Your Mommy should learn to share.

I like to yell at things too. The woofie, the wall, the birdies, the tub faucet, the Mommy, the windows, the Daddy, the litter box, the Sister. Mommy says I inherited a lot of Meezer from my kittymommy.


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I don't know, doesn't sound furry naughty to me. However, not having ho-hass, I can't pass judgement on that one. But hey, if it itches, scratch it, that is my motto.


Caesar and Princess said...

We love ice cream.
You get extra points for trying, especially with cleen hoo-has. Did you lick the ice cream before or after cleaning?

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Miles, our mom loves what she calls "your antics"!! She says she needs to read them them every morning to start the day right.
We don't know about that, but what you did sounds perfectly normal to us...whats with that mother of yours?

Cheysuli said...

Miles, I thought you WERE being good?

The Crew said...

None of that sounds like anything your average, normal guy wouldn't do! I sometimes walk around and meow & meow and then Mom says "What! What do you want?" Well, if she can't figure it out, I'm not telling her!


Dragonheart said...

Miles, vanilla ice cream tastes better when you share, doesn't your mom know that? Sorry to hear about the inviible bugs in your walls that need to be hollered at. I hope your hollering scared them away.

Tara said...

Sounds like you are being very mancatly to me!

Hot(M)BC said...

A'course yoo's a good boy, Miles. Yoo's my boyfriendcat! hehehe

DaisyMae Maus said...

Itchy hoo-hahs? Is that why Sparky Fuzzypants does the butt-scoot on the carpet and leaves a thin brown skidmark?

Derby said...

You are a good kittie, just that your mum doesn't alway appreciate your, how shall we say this, your special needs.

Anonymous said...

Miles, don't let any human tell you you're not a good little man cat! You've explained yourself, and that should be enough for them. They knew you were a cat when they adopted you!

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