Monday, November 10, 2008

Meezer Monday Miles Report

Here is the Miles Report for today
The "No I'm NOT jealous of Billy" report - just because I want to sit in your lap at the same time you're holding Billy, and just because I kick Billy off the bed when I'm in snuggling posishun, and just because I need about eighty squillion more kissies and ALL of your attenshuns lately does NOT mean I'm jealous of Billy. I'm cold. turn the freaking heat up.

The FOODS report - foods for this weekend - eggs, ham, chick-hen (which I fink was MORE yummy than the ham!!)

The "Billy's a pain in the hiney" report - Well, mommy almost cried on Saturday trying to give Billy his medi-suns. The v-e-t gived her 10 packets - he has to take it for 10 days. Well, mommy used 3 packets on Saturday trying to get him to take it. It's yucky powder stuff that does not dissolved in water (even boiling water!) She finally just dissolved it as much as she could in the boiling water and shoved it down his throat with a syringe. Both of them ended up covered in it. fun times. (late edit: the powder will not dissolve in anything, and Billy will not eat any food that has even been near the powder. Mommy doesn't want him to not eat his foods, and he didn't eat anyfing Saturday because he was afraid that the powder was in all the foods).

The "what's in the basement" report by Sammy - take it away Sammy: Um, there are GHOSTS in the basement. and they MEOW at me. ALL the time. I have to meow at the door for mommy to let me downstairs and she usually won't. I have to 'vestigate the ghosts. they may be trying to tell me something important. Like "kill Miles". - Um, back to you Miles.

Um, yeah.... Sammy? stay away from me you freak. I think you need some med-i-k-shun of your own.

The "what will be on the blog this week" report - well we have awards that mommy has been very bad in helping us post. And presents that were sent to us that we have not posted pictures of. ::KICK:: GET WITH IT WOMAN.

That is the Miles Report for today


KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Hee hee, enjoyed yours reepurrt, specially tha food part. Real live dead chicken sounds yummy.

O, is Billy Sweetfeets taking medicines too? I's taking Clavamax by syringe an it gets all over effurryfing. I taked mine last dose yesserday, fank goodness.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Does it disolve in Tuna Juice?

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

We feel for you Miles. Our mommy is also a VERY bad mommy...she's just redeeming herself now by blogging regularly - something she shoulda been doin' anyways.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Well I am glad that Billy is getting what he needs. I am sure you are not jealous Miles. It's hard to know what to do when another cat is in your spot (life).

Anonymous said...

Sammy I must say I iz a little bit Sacred-ed by what you said too!!
Poor Miles and even more poor Momma trying to get meddishunc in Mile's belleh.


Anonymous said...

Gah I can't delete it.... Billy Billys tummeh... I hate when you type things different to what you are thinking ;)


Karen Jo said...

That is a very informative report, Miles. I am glad that you got some yummy foods this week. I like chicken, too. I feel for your Mom trying to get medicine down Billy. It's odd that the vet would give her a powder that won't dissolve in anything. Maybe she could put it on some good food and he would eat it? Ghosts in the basement sound scary, Sammy, unless it's Norton and Trixie.

Everycat said...

What a great detailed report. I wish vets would make medicines in chicken and cod flavour - poor Billy and Mom. Ghosts? ohhhh scary stuff.

Whicky Wuudler

Parker said...

Your Mommy probably already knows this but if you warm up our foods a little it gets extra-stinky. And extra-stinky means extra yummy, powder or not. Pretty hard to turn our noses up at.
And my sister Powder wants to know what's wrong with Powder?

Ramses said...

Ok, so maybe my weekend wasn't quite as bad as Billy's was... My Mummy makes powder like that into paste with a drop or two of water and then the sneaky wench rubs it up under our lips and over our gums so we can't spit it out! The other thing she sometimes uses to make it into a paste is malt lick, it does also help make the bad taste go away faster. Though I'd rather the paste followed by a treat purrsonally! Ok I'd prefer My Mummy to take the meds for me and just feed me treat to tell the truth! ;)

Pumpkin said...

Poor Billy SweetFeets! Taking icky medi-sins is yucky! I hafta admit tho, that Penny wuz a perfect angel taking her pills after her ladygardenectomy. Dint fite, dint fuss, dint spit any pills owt. But the stinker peed on the cowch on Sataday. Grandmaw wuz mad as h*ll and wanted to take her to the pownd. Momma wants to get the cushions purr-feshinully cleened since the over-the-cownter stuff isn't werking good enuff. Penny better be good since she's "walking on thin ice."

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for that report, Miles. Poor Billy! Taking medicine is never fun!

We want Sammy to get down that basement to check out the ghosts!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Sammy, are they furrendly ghosts or scary ghosts? What go they say when they meow at you. Just wondering in case some ghosts come to live with us.
We has chick-hen yesterday as well Miles, and it was lishus.
Billy, you haf to take your meddysin to make you all better.Powder is difficult though. Maybe your V E T can change it for a liquid form.

Anonymous said...

Yay for chick-hen! Yum!

We are very sorry Billy will not take his medicine. You may have to ask the Vet if another form is available. Being afraid of foods must be just awful!

We are anxiously awaiting an update on the ghosts!

Purrageous Pirates said...

Are there no other medicines that the V-E-T could prescribe Billy? Maybe an injection or pill that you could use a pill popper for? Poor dear. Fagin says to come ofur and PLAYPLAYPLAY and eat foods here since we has no ickiness in our foods.

Great report guys - we are very interested in these ghosts. We have one too - it locked Dante into the laundry room Friday night and he had to spend the whole night there too!!

Cory said...

Face it Miles, you should be jealous of Billy...I've seen his picture...he's pretty irresistible. The poor little guy has to take icky medicine. Maybe your mom can get a different form of it to make sure he gets it all. So Miles, once Billy is feeling better you can get all the attention you deserve.


Miles dat wuz a furry gud "MILES REEPORT"! We is sorree yur Mommie is halfin trubble wif givin da meds to Billy, do yoo fink it wood werk wif Babyfoods?

Momma says she dreads it if we efur needs to take anyfing. She a'members juss tryin to give Pingie his anti-otics when he had dat leg bite. Whoa she got is all ofur herself and none in wuz funnee to us. Poor Pingie all wrapped up like a taco.

Sammy now I knoos dat der r ghosties down in dat basement cuz I seed em!

*wavin paws*
Bye Billy (we hopes yoo is feelin better)
Bye Miles

*blowin kisses*
Bye to my sweet handsome floofy cocoa puffs meezerman

Purrs and nosekisses
your adoring tiny tuxie princess

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

veree good reporting this week, veree informative. i like knowing all that stuff.

smiles, auntie bee

ps: billy sf, take your medicine!!!

Chrissie said...

Billy, dude, take your medicine! Or live with worms in your lungs..I'd go for the medicine, myself, 'cause the idea of worms in my chest gives me the heebs. I like DK's idea-toona joose! (as Skeezy spells it)

LZ said...

Oh that sounds like not a good weekend at all. Icky powder must be fought at all costs. Or yakked up immediately if forced down your throat.


Cafe Cats said...

My Mama has been smooshing powder in Cloud Chaser's food, then putting a big plastic thing in his mouth and squishing the food into his tummy! I'm glad I eat my foods like a big Mancat because I don't think I'd like that furry much.


Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Poor Billie, isn't der another way to get da medisin into yoo...a capsul or sumfing. Maybe dat paste stuff like Ramses' mom does. Or baby food, we can't resist baby food no matter what mom puts in it. Punkin's ghost is in our basement, Zippy goes down to talk to her when she comes to visit. Punkin never tells Zippy to kill any of us tho. In fact, after Punkin visits Zippy is nicer to us. Speedy gots chicken all weekend cuz he had slimy poops from eating bad stuff.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Well, that was another interesting report. Are you guys on something we don't know about? Or are you just acting like brothers?

We hope Billy gets well. We side with him but Jan says she understands your mom's frustration. Meds cost money!

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, that is an action packed weekend. We are sorry that Billy wouldn't take his medicine. Doesn't he understand that he needs to do that so he gets better?


Deb Cushman said...

What a wonderfully informative report this week! We're sorry Billy has to take that terrible nondissolving powder. And that's super excitiing news about the ghosts, Sammy! (But, you should definitely stay away from Miles!)

Good bye my sweet Nicky

 Good bye my sweet sweet Nicky.  You has a hard time sometimes with your brain injury, but you were always so sweet.  I love you to the moon...