Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I didn't do it.


um, mess? NO, I don't see any mess.

IMPAWTANT UPDATE: Efurryone, please put your paws togefurr and purray for Gemini. Her beans fear she escaped through a hole in the screen last night and she is nowhere to be found. Please go over to Chey's Place and leave some purrrrss. We is furry werried.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Proverb Friday


Thank you Chase for tagging us for the Proverb meme! We are supposed to come up with a proverb (like Chase's: She who strikes the first blow admits she's lost the war). So here we go:

MILES: He who stands on the human litterbox will soon be wet.

oh funny Miles. How about this one

SAMMY: snuggle and the world snuggles with you, whap and you get tossed out of the bedroom.

We tag:
Max- because we know he will come up with something AWSOME
the ladies of the Big Piney Woods and
YOU!! yes YOU! I'm looking at YOU! come on, YOU can do it!!!

We would also like to take a moment to thank The Divine Miss Marilyn for nominating us for the Schmoozer award. Thank you, Miss Marilyn - we loves you!

IMPAWTANT!! Please support one of our furry bestest furriends Zeus - he is doing Blogathon 2007 for charity on Saturday - 24 straight hours of blogging. He is trying to raise green papers for The Humane Society. We pledged some green papers to him and hope that if you can, you wil. Thanks and GOOD LUCK ZEUS!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well the votes are in


Well, the votes are in and by a close vote my new career is Male Model. Here are the results of my ferst photo shoot!
This is my Joey Tribianni look - "How you doin?"
My Happy Look.
Modeling is hard werk.

I hope my photo shoot was better than Brit-Brit's. I didn't take any potty breaks and I didn't wipe the ham grease off my paws on my furs. I haf more class than that - I licked them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday - by Miles Meezer

This is my rule for Meezer Rule Wednesday

When it's hot out, make shur you butt is posishuned near the cold air blowy thing I think I should enter the Full Monty contest.

Voting for my future career choice ends tonight at 10pm EDT. If you hafn't voted, now's the time. I don't know if you can vote more than once but if you can, go ahead!
For more Meezer Rule Wednesday, please see:
Egypt, our inspiration (and wish Tuxie, Maxie and Midnight a Happy Gotcha Day)
Caroline - one of William's lovely sisters
Simply Siamese for ALL of the Rules

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Career Moves


So, my delusional brofur wants to be a Trakker puller? Inneresting. We haf seen the trakker pulls on RFD-TV on our satellite and they looks like fun. He gotted me thinking that I should haf a career so that I can earn green paper to take my girlfriendcat Sanjee on dates to nice restaurants and movies and stuff. So I putted on my thinking hat (which looks sus-pish-us-ly like my fishing hat MOM), and I came up wif the following list of careers. If you looks ofurr to the sidebar you will see an area where you can vote on Miles Meezer's Career.

Here are the choices

1. Male Model - well, mommy says I'm gorgeous
2. Wilderness Guide - I haf extensive 'sperience camping and such
3. Race Car Driver - I ushually win the daily Meezer 500
4. Bass Fisherman - I haf the gear

Voting will close Tomorrow night - Wednesday July 25. Fanks for voting!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Meezer Mancat Monday - Sammy's new career


While I was looking through Mommy's camera for some pikshurs of ME for Meezer Mancat Monday, I found somefing inneresting. Mommy wented out on Saturday to somefing called a "Tractor Pull". Why she would want to pull a tractor is a mystery to me, but in looking at the pikshurs, I finally found out what I want to be - A Tractor Pull Driver!!! This is the mosted coolest mancat thing I can think of to do!! I mean, who would not want to do THIS:
Hey Max!! There's a tractor that your woman would like!!
Looky!! There's a BUN on this tractor!! Mommy says that this one was driven by a woman!! I would SO put a stuffed Meezer on MY tractor

I like the paint job on this tractor

I think that THIS should be MY tractor! Mommy says it has 2 Allison Aircraft enginges on it that were salvaged from WWII bombers. NOW THAT is a furry MANCAT thing to do - strap airplane engines on a tractor.

I am SOOOO down with this sport. Now, all I haf to do is buy a tractor, buy some airplane engines, and learn how to drive. (MILES: an not freak out being outside!)
Does anyone know if $250,000 is a lot of money to spend on a tractor?

Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm annoying too!


Fourteen things I do that make mommy crazy

1. lay on the couch behind her and kick her in the head. When Grampa Norton wa alive, he would do this all the time. He trained me, becuase he said that after 18 years of being kicked in the head every 3 mintues, she would not be able to live without it after he was gone. So, when he went to the Bridge I took over the head kicking duties. I'm a nice boy.

2. lay on her face when she sleeps

3. stand on her, um, boobs when she sleeps

4. Whapping. whether i whap stuff onto the floor (and she really needs to be a heavier sleeper so that she doesn't hear stuff hitting the CARPET) or onto her head, it annoys her.

5. rolling on the dining room table. Basically, she has given up and given me my own table cloth to roll on. It's meezerish in color so that the furs don't show up too much.

6. eat all the plants in the house. i don't know why. salad is good for you, right?

7. hang over the balcony.

8. empty the toybox at night and leave a trail down the hall to the sleeping room, and then leave a pile of them right where she gets out of bed.

9. shove my paws in her mouth when she is pretending to sleep. I know she's not sleeping, it's light out when I do it.

10. lick her lips so much they chap. really, when i get in a reallllllllllyyyyyyyyy purry mood, i lick her lips ALOT. and I won't stop. and her lips get chapped.

11. shove my nose in her ear when she is pretending to sleep. again, it's light out. i don't care that's it's "5somethinginthemorning". it's DAYTIME. GET UP.

12. Stand on the human litterbox when she is trying to sit. This also leads to my rant of earlier this week.

13. reach out and grab her everytime she walks by the dining room table when I am laying on it, and demand butt skritchies. then grab her again when she thinks she's done and i say she's not.

14. stand on the desk where the printer is and shout at the clock on the wall.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - by Miles Meezer


Here are 13 things I do that drive mommy crazy:

1. Meezer 500 on the stairs

2. "mao mao mao"ing in the kit-chen (ok, I talk to the fridge to try and get it to open and gif me ham)

3. stand on the laptop keyboard when she tries to type

4. stare at the easy share printer when she is printing pikshurs of me. It's FASCINATING. The pictures goes front and back and front and back and front and back and then front again. it's totally cool

5. lay in her dirty clothes when she takes them off to take a baf

6. eat the dried lavender that she has in the human litterbox room

7. stand on my back legs and poke her in the butt when she makes food

8. try and touch the stove burners when she is cooking

9. eat Sammy's stinky goodness

10. NOT eat my 'skripshun crunchies for my teefs

11. watch the swirlies in the human litterbox bowl whenefur it makes the "woosh" noise.

12. not cover my stinkies in the middle of the night

13. change the channel on the tv (i like sitting on the 'amote)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday - by Miles Meezer


I hereby declare that since Sammy is hosting Meezer Rule Wednesday at Simply Siamese, Meezer Rule Wednesday here will be MINE and MINE ALONE.


HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY you little runt (wait, he weighs 3 lbs more than me) HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY lard butt, mommy says we haf to SHARE Meezer Rule Wednesday.


But it's NOT FAIR, 'cause you are nefurr gonna let me host at Simply Siamese, 'cause you is a HOG.


Lard Butt




::SIGH:: ok lard butt, you can post your rule.


Hello and welcome to Meezer Rule Wednesday, by Miles Meezer.

Today's rule is as follows:

When sleeping on the people bed at night wif your siblings, always remember to each lay on a seperate side, on top of the covers, so that the humans are pinned underneath. This is especially important if the humans get up frequently in the middle of your sleep cycle to go to the human litterbox room.

For more Meezer Rule Wednesday, please visit:

The Creator of Meezer Rule Wednesday - the lovely Egypt
Caroline - the beautiful sister of our buddy William
and all the cats of Simply Siamese

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Ok "Mother" - if that is your real name. We haf had this talk 'afore. But 'parently, you seem to have swiss cheese for a brain, so we need to go through this AGAIN.

1. When you are going into the human litterbox room, I ALWAYS jump on onto the human litterbox after you put the lid up, to get to the windowsill. Yes, I can jump from the floor, and do it all the time when you is not there. WHY does you NOT LOOK and insist on sitting your jinormous tooshie on me and making me splash into the human litterbox (STOP LAFFIN AND LAFFIN! I'm TIRED of being wet. NO, I will not stop this behavior).

2. When you feed me stinky goodness, you MUST pick me up and kiss me on the head or I am not able to eat it. Cripes. It's only been 3 stinking years and you can't 'amember this?

3. I will ALWAYS run down to the dungeon when you open the door. I wait for it all day and am furry alert to your steps down the hall. I HAF to go talk to The One Who Came Before in the corner of the dungeon where his couch is. Eifurr you need to deal wif it, or stop watcing "The Blair Witch Project" movie. (if you haf seen the end of that movie, you know what it's like to watch me in the corner, I'm LOUD and freaky.)

4. I will snuggle wif you in snuggling posishun ON MY SCHEDULE, NOT YOURS. If I do not feeling like snuggling in snuggling posishun, I will lay across your head or face. Deal. Wif. It.

5. Whapping is my nature. If you doesn't want anyfing whapped into your head (including the rather large clock radio that takes me most of the night to silently move to the edge of the table) then don't put anyfing on the table. No light. No clock radio. No glasses (if you need to see when you get up, just keep them on your face when you sleep. Too bad if it herts when I lay on your face). No remotes for the TV. no phones. No table clof. Akshually, no table, 'cause if there was nofing on it, I would knock it ofurr.

6. DO NOT CALL ME "PEG-LEG PETE". I love butt skritchies. I stand on my tippytoes when you skritch the right spot at the base of my tail. It does NOT look like I haf peg-legs when I stand this way.

7. I like hanging ofurr the balcony and looking into the lifing room. stop yelling at me to stop.

8. Yes, I haf to eat the fev-vers out of your pillows.

9. Yes, when I eat too many of them, I haf to barf up a pile of fev-vers in the hallway.

10. I still love you - but you're getting on MY LAST NERVE.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Miles Meezer Monday - back from camping


I'm smiling 'acause my furry bestest furriend Dr Tomeka Smith saided that I didn't haf to haf bloods stolen for 6 monfs!!! She saided that my plate-lets was still high (normal is 'parently 500,000 and mine were about 650,000 the ferst time and about 580,000 this time) but they is going down. She said 'acause I was a "teenager" she didn't want to start me on aspirin to thin out my blood, 'cause that is a long term fing. WAIT! I'm a TEENAGER! MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM when can I get my driver's license?
Anyway, it's a HAPPY Meezer Monday here at Chateau Meezer (ha, I can speak French!).
I hadded fun on my camping trip. Sometimes the nights gotted a little chilly and I hadded to check into the Lodge (MeezerMom's note: the Lodge apparently is the area on the bed that is under the top quilt but on top of the middle quilt and directly on top of my feet). The Lodge is toasty warm for those chilly nights in the wilderness. The Park Ranger might be upset 'acause I didn't throw out the dead animals when I left. (Sammy's note: delusional Miles means Mom is mad because he took almost all of MY toys out of the toy box and scattered them around the tent last night). I hope I'm allowed to go camping there in the future.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Happy Purrfday to my sweet girlfriendcat Sanjee's Mommy - Mom Robyn (yeah, I know it was yesterday, but Sanjee and I was camping and Mommy would not let me use the 'puter). Hey, is Mom Robyn like my sort-of-mom-in-law?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Camping is fun

Camping is lots and lots of fun! I can hang out all day in the wilderness (Sammy's note: "The Wilderness" is the area across the lifing room from the couch, where the entertainment center is) and hunt and fish and sit in front of my campfire (Sammy's note: the glow from the TV or the flashlight). It's furry 'alaxing. Howefurr, I was rudely ripped from my tent on Wednesday to get taken to the v-e-t yet AGAIN and haf my bloods stolen AGAIN. ::sigh:: - they did not call today to say that it was too clotty so hopefully I will nefurr haf to go back. Efurr.
As you can see, camping can also be furry tiring. I need a nap now.

Caeser and Prinnie haf nominated us for anofurr award!! Fank you furry much, we is furry honored.

We honestly does not know who to nominate, so consider all of yourselfs nominated - we loves efurryone in the blogsphere!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Meme


I was tagged by Junior and me an Miles was tagged by Zoey and the Furballs for a Meme!! so we will bof be answering (Miles will be answering from his remote camping location across the room, or as he prefers to call it "The Wilderness")

What were you doing 10 years ago
Sammy - I was not borned yet
Miles - well 10 years ago was prolly ancient times, so I was prolly living my past life as Faro of the Foo-ton

What were you doing one year ago?
Sammy - hanging out here, whapping stuff off tables
Miles - Hey, I was here too. Doing stuff. I jus can't 'amember what stuff.

Five Snacks you enjoy
Sammy - Um tem-tay-shuns, shrimpy crack, tem-tay-shuns, shrimpy crack and tem-tay-shuns
Miles - HAM, tem-tay-shuns, roast beast, real live dead shrimp, and pretty much any kind of treat there is

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
Sammy - Your are my Special Angel - it's mine and mommy's secret song. I doesn't know any ofurr songs that well
Miles - what? you and mommy haf a secret song? MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM -what is my secret song? what? it's a secret from me? oh poo, we doesn't haf one, does we? WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ::sniff sniff:: what? I know our song? I do? let me think........................ oh yeah, I know our song, it's Baby Love!!!!!! that's the only song I know.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Sammy - open a shelter for all homeless animals on a huge farm! and buy mommy a metal machine wif wheels wif cold air blowy thing that werks, and buy mommy and daddy a big house so that we can all live in one place and buy the tem-tay-shuns factory (there are several ofurr poodins out there that would do this too, we could haf a partnership) and buy anofurr factory to make safe crunchies and stinky goodness so that no pet gets sick anymore
Miles - I would do efurryfing Sammy would do 'CEPT fix Mommy's metal machine (I hate them), instead I would buy a pig for me so that I could haf a ham buffet that efurryone could come and enjoy

Five Bad Habits
Sammy - contrary to what Mommy says I haf no bad habits. Howefurr she finks that my whapping stuff into her head in the middle of the night, laying on the dining room table, and running into the forbidden room or closet when the door is open, are bad habits. and that's not efenn 5. So, I am a GOOD boy.
Miles - I doesn't haf any bad habits eifurr! but, Mommy says that running ofurr her while she is asleep, getting unner her feets when she walks, and constantly begging for food are bad habits. that's not 5 eifurr, so I am also a GOOD boy.

Five Things you like Doing
Sammy - whapping stuff, laying on the dining room table, running into the forbidden room or closet, hanging ofurr the balcony by my feets, scattering my toys all ofurr the house
Miles - eating ham, eating stinky goodness, windowsill kissies, camping, and fishing

Five things you would never wear again
Sammy - I refuse to wear anyfing. And no, it's not because mommy says that most clothes make my butt look big.
Miles - my St Patrick's day shert and my polo shert. I doesn't like clothes wif sleeves. I loves my denim jaket and my fishing outfit because they doesn't haf sleeves

Five Favorite Toys
Sammy - oh wow, just five? well, My fev-ver wands from my girlfriend Abby, my okkapusses, fev-ver butt mousies, SQUIGGLES, and all the ofurr toys in my toy box.
Miles - my tent. and SQUIGGLES!!!! That's the only fing Sammy will let me play wif. OH, and the boogie mat.

Five kitties to tag
We tag:
Magoo, Bella, Dolce and Baci

Dino, Egypt, Tuxie, Midnight and Maxie
Jimmy Joe
Henry Helton and Clyde
and all ofurr poodins who haf not played yet!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday - by Sammy

Pretending you are deaf is the only way to deal with the loud objections of the people when you are someplace you are not supposed to be. Also, if you roll around on your back enough, they will give up and leave you alone.

My name is "comeonsammygetoffthe table" and "peopledonotlikefurintheirfoodsammy"
For more Meezer Rule Wednesday, visit

oh and Miles is still camping. It seems that he has decided to take a bay-k-shun this week. but SHHHHHHHH don't tell him that he has to go to the v-e-t at 12:30 to get more bloods stolen, he seems happy in his little tent werld.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rockin Boy Blogger and Meezer Monday

It's Meezer Monday and FINALLY I can participate.
Yeah, I'm a stud


Miles and I haf been nominated for Rockin Boy Bloggers by our furriends Latte and Tigger!! We is furry honored!!!
We is going to nominate: (more than 5 'cause there is 2 of us!)
Zeus - 'cause he just ROCKS

Henry Helton and his brother Clyde- new rocking blogger kitties!

Jimmy Joe - anofurr new rocking blogger kitty!

Beezer - 'cause we loves him!

Merlin, Shadow and Koko - 'cause they has to move from Poiland to New Mexico, so they deserve it!

Buddah - Max's little brofurr!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gone Fishin'


I got a Fishing Pole from my furriend Skeezix!!!!!
There was a pole and fish and a basket!
Ok, I got my vest and my hat and my gear - I'm ready!
Let's Go!!
Thank you Skeezix!!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Secret Paws!


I gotted the bestest Secret Paw gift box in the whole werld!! It was from my girlfriend ABBY!!! I haf nefurr been so happy in my whole life!! LOOKY! She writed me a note and put a pikshur in it (I fink she was flerting wif me in the pikshur too!).

I gotted a HUGE bag of TEM-TAY-SHUNS, and stinky goodness, and a sparkly okkapuss and the greatest FEV-VER wand toy in the werld (She knows just what kind of fev-vers I love - the lellow kind!!) and a sproingy mousie toy that's really cool. And there was anofurr note from her that she typed all by herself on the 'puter, and a 4th of July cat pin for Mommy

Here I am getting crazy wif the lellow fev-ver toy! I loves it.

Fank you so much Abby!!!


My turn!! I gotted lots of great stuff from Daisy Mae Maus - including a card to plant in our garden!!! She rally has nice paw writing, don't you fink?

Of course nosy Sammy hadded to come and try and steal my toys. I gotted toys, stinky goodness, and TEM-TAY-SHUNS in lots and lots of flavors!!

Daisy Mae, you is really AWSOME. Here I am looking ofurr all my stuff - oh and Bubbles - I LOVE the nip bubbles (but a werd of warning, don't try and lick the bubble wand, that doesn't taste so good).

Look at the Meezer Squillion!!! Seville is going to LOVE him!!

I'm POOPED after playing wif all of my toys and eating tem-tay-shuns!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007



I wanted to post about my wonderful Secret Paws gifts from my girlfriend Abby. I has nefurr been so happy in all my life to get all the wonderful fings she sented me. BUT, the pikshurs is still in the camera. Mommy has been lazy. (oh, wait, she saided that she was werking on a project for werk, but I fink she's just been lazy). She promises that she will haf the pikshurs up tomorrow.


I wanted to post about the motherlode of Secret Paws gifts from my furriend Daisy Mae Maus - the box was so full of stuff I almost peed myself I was so 'acited! BUT, the "mommy is lazy" fing is true for me too - the pikshurs is still on the camera. She promises that we can post about it tomorrow.

SIGH, if only I hadded thumbs I could download the pikshurs myself. then again, I could also get some good pikshurs of her when she is asleep and drooling on the pillow. Revenge would be so sweet................. maybe I'll just go leave a really stinky poop.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

"We hold these truths to be self evident, that ALL MEN are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..............................................
And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."
Today, amid the picnics, and fireworks, let us stop to pause and reflect on our brave Founding Fathers, and the sacrifices they made for this country. Most of the signers of the Declaraion of Independence died in poverty, having lost everything in the fight for their freedom from The Tyranny of the Crown. Let us also remember all those who to this day fight to protect the Freedoms that our Founding Fathers gained for us.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

::SIGH:: why is my life miserable?


Geez, riding for a sqillion and 7 hours in the PTU on Sunday wasn't bad enough, but I hadded to get shoved back in it Monday and go to the v-e-t. AGAIN. and get stabbed. AGAIN. And get my bloods stolen. AGAIN. And then get washed because I peed on them. AGAIN.

And to top all that off, Mommy tried to KILL me. Really. I was just chillin on the couch and she was outside on the patio, and she was trying to bring stuff in, and she opened the screen door and frew somefing inside onto the couch (which is just inside the screen door) and IT HIT ME IN THE HEAD AND ALMOST KILLDED ME.

Sure, she 'pologized and efurryfing, but she almost killded me. I fink I need to move out and get my own place. Someplace where no one will shove me into the PTU and take me to the v-e-t, or try and kill me wif flying fings.

Oh, wait, I know where that is. On my FOO-TON!!!! I fink I will go and live on my foo-ton!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mancat Meezer Monday - by Sammy


We is home now - we hadded to get in the PTU yesterday for the trip. It was a good trip. Here is a pikshur of me in a furry manly pose at Daddy's house

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...