Monday, July 31, 2006

maybe YOU can't see them, but I can


Mommy: maybe YOU can't see the invisdible bugs that are on the walls at what you say is 2:33am, but I can, and that is why I hadded to jump up and down on your head - so that I could catched them. And that is also why I hadded to scream at them at what you said was 4:01am, so that my powerful meezer yowl would scare them away.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I let her touch me!!!


I let Mommy's friend touch me!!! I camed downstairs after Trixie and Miles camed upstairs to tell me that she was nice, and then I heared mommy calling me, so I wented down the stairs. I wented ofurr to the couch and then mommy pickded me up and then her friend camed ofurr and pet me. She saided that my furs felted like suede (whatefurr that is) and that I hadded gorgeous blue eyes. And then it happened, my purr motor started and I couldn't help it, I liked her. After a minute I came to my senses and ran upstairs, but a little while later I camed down again and went to my spot at the big window. I wasn't so scared. But I ignored her. But still, i letted her pet me. Mommy saided that she was proud. Miles was a little attention piggy. He would not leave her alone. He put his stink all ofurr efurryfing she broughted wif her.

Saturday, July 29, 2006



OH OH OH. Mommy has company this weekend. One of her Sorority sisters is visiting from Pittsburgh. Mommy tolded me she was nice, but I had to slink around the house last night and hide under things - until I gotted caught by Mommy. And then her friend started petting me. I could tell she has kitties too, and she was talking real nice to me and told me I hadded purrty eyes. Miles would not leave her alone. He kepted asking her to make bacon for him, like Mommy's friend Ellen did when she visited. But he didn't get any bacon. I guess she's not too bad, but I'll just observe from my spot under the bed.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Look out, Miles has songs too!


Um, no Sammy, it's not about HAM. We is supposed to write songs about ofurr blogging kitties. So I did

Sung to the tune of Whip It (oh brother, Mom, why can't I do a real rap song?)

Read It

When a bloggie comes along, you must read it
written by a poodin, you must read it
new poodins all the time, you must read it

now read it - start wif Max
Buddah Pest, Derby too
Kukka- Maria, and also Beau
Gemini and Cheysuli
Read it, read it good

Efurry morning, you must read it
Grr, Cocoa, Midnight, you must read it
Skeezix, Maobert, Rocky too, you must read it

now read it- go see William
Timmy Dickens, Daisy Mae
Beau Beau and Angie
Bonnie, Victor and the Crew
Read it, read it good

Efurry evening, you must read it
Edsel the Pooch, you must read it
Jasper McKitten, you must read it

Now read it, go read Zeus
Four Furry Cats, and Mattingly
Mia and Ghost, Les Trois Chats
Poiland Gang, SS&S
Read it, read it good.

Ok, now I has a speshul song to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

She's an Empress
a Royal Empress
and furry famous

She's an Empress
a Royal Empress
and furry purrty

Ku-kaa, ku-kka, ku-kka, ku-kka, kukka ma-ri-a
ku-kka, ku-kka, ku-kka, ku-kka, kukka ma-ri-a

There are several
of us who love her
our Kukka Ma-ri-a

Moose, and Zeus
and Xavier
Buddy and William

Ku-kaa, ku-kka, ku-kka, ku-kka, kukka ma-ri-a
ku-kka, ku-kka, ku-kka, ku-kka, kukka ma-ri-a

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Trixie's song


I wrote a song too.
Sung to the tune of "You are my Sunshine"

You are the Calicoes
The purrty Calicoes
you have so many purrty colors
and extra tosies
and Mistrie Rose-ie
You are my furry bestest furriends.

Oh Mittens Pollypaws,
and Patches Lady
living in the big piney woods
I love your poems
and your pikshurs
you are my furry bestest furriends

This one is for all of the ofurr Senior blogging kitties: (same tune)

Pandora, beautiful Pandora
and meezer Chatham, and Dino too
Let's not forget Georgia
and all the others
we are the Senior Cat-i-zens

we're not too nimble
and sometimes cranky
but we are smarter
than the youngins
we can be bad and moms won't notice
and they'll blame it all on you

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A song


Derby challenged each of us to come up wif songs about ofurr blogging kitties. For the next couple of days, each of us (me, Miles and Trixie) will post our songs. Me ferst.

My Sweet Abby wroted one about me, and I was writing one of my own about her.
So here it is, to the tune of The Theme from Love Story

Where do I begin?
To tell a story of how sweet a Manx can be?
The tail-less story of my sweet little Abby
Her little pouf makes me weak in all my knees
My sweet Abby

There are ofurr cats
Meeko, Kiara, Mia and Brandi
Patches, Mittens, Sophia and Mistrie
All furry purrty and sweet as can be
but they're not Abby

No they're not Abby
Sassy, spunky, funny sweet Abby
her poor sisters Boo and Gracie
They get hassled by little Abby
my naughty Abby

Efurry day I wait
I need to see my Abby
Mommy please don't be late
'afore you go to werk oh please let me see
My sweet Abby

Tuesday, July 25, 2006



Kukka Maria saided in our comments yesterday that we was too easy to figure out, and that our mommy knows our kryp-to-nite. So, after trying to look frough the dikshunairy to find out what kyp-to-nite was, we asked Mommy when she gotted home. She said it is what steals Superman's powers. Well, fank you Kukka for finking that we are "supermen", but now we are worried that we are getting to prediktable in our behavior. So, from now on, we will not be tempted by belly rubs or ham, and we renew our pledge to rain havik on our house.

MILES: but but but, gulp, gulp, gulp, no HAM? THUMP.

SAMMY: Miles, Miles, you fainted are you ok?

MILES: I fink so, I fought I just hearded you say that I has to not eat ham anymore.

SAMMY: well, yes I did say that. Because we're too prediktable and Mommy knows how to calm us down too easy ..... MILES? Where did you go? MILES????? What are you doing out here in front of the cold box?

MILES: Saying good bye to the ham........... :sob sob sob: Bye sweet honey ham!

SAMMY: Miles, Stop hugging the cold box. Fink about all the fun we will have if Mommy can't control us! Running all ofurr the house all the time, wrestling all ofurr the bed, high diving from the balcony to the landing on the stairs, frowing fings off all the tables, sliding on our butts down the hall. Playing tub hockey all night long. And I know how to open the top of the nip container.

MILES: but, what are we 'apposed to do when Mommy picks us up? She's like a squillion times bigger than us!

SAMMY: yeah, but she's slow and we can run fast fast fast.
Um, Mommy? Please put me back down on the table. I don't want a belly rub right now. NO NO NO. Please...................... ple.........purrrrrrrrrr..................purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........purrrrr


Monday, July 24, 2006

Whap Whap Whap


Yep, efurryfing on the nightstand when whap, whap, whap into mommys head this morning. She looked at the clock and saided it was only 4am and not time to get up - it was still dark out. But, I wanted her to get up and go into the human litterbox room 'acause I wanted to look out the window. I don't know why she won't leave that door open anymore. Just 'acause I unroll the paper roll in there, or shove the stuff from the counter into the human litterbox does not mean I should not be allowed in there wheneffur I want. But, she didn't get up, instead, she grabbed me and put me in snuggling position (away from the blowy fingine, 'acause I don't like it blowing in my face) and then rubbed my belly until my purr fing started up, and then I forgotted all about being bad, and we wented to sleep. Not fair.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ham ham efurrywhere, and not a bite to spare?


I know there's ham in the cold box, but I has not gotten any of it yet. I know she putted some ham in her eggs this morning for brekfest, but she didn't give me a bite like she usually does. (Mom's note: In my defense, Miles was upstairs playing with a new toy, and not begging for eggs until I had finished). I know she madded some ham salad too, but I has not had any of that eifurr (i've nefurr had ham salad - mom said I would not like celery, but I tolded her that I can eat around it, but she just looks at me and says "you won't like it". It's HAM, of course I'll like it.

In ofurr food news, we gotted a new kind of stinky goodness this morning - it was Fancy Feast chik-hen wif egg sueflay and veggies. I hadded not seen it on the web page 'afore, and it was purrty good. Not as good as pig though.

Well, back to sitting in front of the cold box and screaming at it to open.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rain Rain Rain


It's raining, raining, raining, today, but it's only gonna be 72 of those degrees, and that makes mommy happy! Since it's raining, we fink it's time for a Meezer Nap Pile

Also, we has a message for Daisy Mae Maus, if you are reading this: we and a lot of ofurr kitties read your bloggie, but your comments are on moderation, so it looks like no one is visiting you. Don't give up Daisy Mae, we likes your blog and want to get to know you more.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Mommy's home today!


Mommy is werking from home today! She is still sicky, and her dr stabbed her and stole her blood yesterday, then told her to stay home today. We has been trying to be good, but I don't fink it's werking out for us. This is what we has done so far:

3am - wrestling on the bed
3:15am - running ofurr her head
4:am - wrestling on the bed - best of 3 falls match
5am - um, wrestling on the bed - survivor series style - 'xcept Trixie didn't want to play
6am - more wrestling on the bed - King of the Ring tournament
7am - steel cage match wrestling on the bed - loser leaves town match. That's when Mommy gotted up.
(NOTE: All times according to Mommy)

Maybe now we'll just lay around an purr on her.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fings to 'Amember


A couple of days ago, my Sweet Abby's mom wroted on her bloggie about fings that Abby, Ping, Jinx, Boo and Gracie needed to 'amember. Well, I has a list of fings that our mommy needs to 'amember:

A. all the toys are mine. If you buy 3 of somefing, all 3 are mine.
B. all the nip is mine.
3. All the crunchies are mine. I don't really like stinky goodness that much, and I don't like people food except people tuna and maybe some roast beef
4. The windowsill in the people's litterbox room is mine.
E. If I frow somefing off a table, it's 'acause I want to play wif it for 2.8 seconds. And if you put it back on the table after that, I will get up on the table and frow it off again.
6. If you don't put a pillow ofurr your head when it gets light out, I will just lay on your face and get my fur in your nose and mouf.
G. when i say it's time to get up, I will frow stuff off the table and hit you in the head wif it.
H. I drink out of all of your water glasses when you are not looking
9. The more you need to use the human litter box, the longer I will stand on the seat 'afore I jump onto the windowsill. Don't wait till the last minute.
10. Yes, I will continue to bring down your dirty clothes from the hamperand leave them in the hallway when you are not home. I will not tell how I get into the hamper. It's a see-krit


Don't furrget that tomorrow is Pandy's 18th purrfday party!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sad News


Yesterday I learned that the woofie who lived in the house that I was borned in wented to the Rainbow Bridge. Her name was Hootie, and she was a beagle woofie, who was about 15 years old. The dad from the house I was borned in was talking to my mommy and said that Hootie gotted really sick and could not walk furry well, and would not eat or drink, so she hadded to be helped to the Bridge. He tooked her to the v-e-t and he tolded Mommy that Hootie actually gotted really happy and tried walking to the room where they were going to take her. She kissed the dad and then was helped up onto table, and kissed the nurse. Then she wented to the Bridge. The dad cried and the nurse cried. I was really really sad. I don't 'amember much about living in the house where I was borned, but I do remember that the dad was nice, and my mommy and sisfurs were there. My mommy Lola is still there, and so is one of my sisfurs. I also 'amember that Hootie nefurr chased us around or scared us. I hope that Grampa Norton was there to help Hootie and show her around. I hopes that you is happy and playing in the grass now Hootie. - Love Miles

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm heeeerrrreeee


Hello! My name is Seville (as in Seville Oranges, get it?) and I just arrived at the Meezer household yesterday. I am one of the squillions of Green Wall Shelter Kitties and I came from the litter that Boni, Sanjee and Mini's mom Robyn got at the shelter. I am so happy to be here!

I had a nice trip here and only had to wait outside until the lady got home for a little while. Sure was hot though. Once I got inside it was nice and cool.

I met all of the Meezers! At first they were a little shy, preferring to chew on my box instead of say hello. I guess poodins can be like that sometimes. This is Sammy thinking about saying "hello". He is the shyest.

Once they all got a little more interested, the lady read the letter that arrived with me

I brought some stinky goodness, treats and a toy with me too!

Sammy went wild for the giant fur mousie.

I found out Miles was the most social of the Meezers

Miles seemed to like sniffing me, and then after the lady set me on the couch, he came up and eventually sat with me. I did talk to Trixie for a few minutes, she said I reminded her of her brofurr Norton because I'm a ginger cat too.

Tomorrow, I think I will ask the lady to take me outside to visit her gardens, if it's not too hot.

I am furry glad to be here living with the Meezers - I hope to report on more of my adventures soon!


Kukka's mom will not bail her out of jail. Brach has started a protest, and I maded a poster too, but the Dread Pirate Blogger (thanks Brach, I likes that) will not let me post the pikshur. But I has been marching around the lifing room shouting "FREE KUKKA NOW' for the last hour. I hopes our protest will werk and that Kukka can get out of jail soon.


MILES! Oh for petes sake SHUT UP. I can't sleep! I want Kukka out of jail too, but can we do wifout all the shouting? If you don't shut up, you will lose your voice and then you will not be able to scream at Mommy for ham when she gets home from werk.


Oh, you're right Sammy. "free kukka now! free kukka now! free kukka now!" I has to save my voice.

Monday, July 17, 2006

So may new friends


Derby mentioned on his blog that he has almost 120 links to ofurr kitty bloggies. We has not quite that many, but ofurr 100. Mommy says we has added about 20 links to new furriends in the last 2 days. We has seen many familiar names in the comments for the new kitty bloggies. We finks that it is so wonderful to haf so many furriends in the kitty blogging werld. We just wanted to say "Welcome" to any new kitty who is visiting us!

Saturday, July 15, 2006



I was locked in the dungeon AGAIN today. Why can't mommy 'amember to look around to make shur that I am not there? I cried and cried and cried, and FINALLY she heared me - after 2 hours!!
She felted really bad though, and her face even leaked 'acause she said she felt bad. Then she gived me tuna water!! I never hadded tuna water 'afore, and ohhhhhhhhhhh, it was so good. And she efenn kepted Miles away from it so that I could have all I wanted. I suppose I will forgive her - after I make her feel bad for a little while longer.

Help Needed

From All the Meezers:

As some of you know, our friend Brandi's mom losted her job a few weeks ago. She and Brandi are having some tough times right now. Please efurryone, go and visit Oreo's blog. He and his Momma are doing somefing to try and help Brandi and her Mom. Our Momma is going to help, and we ask that efurryone who can please try and help our furriends. We did it wif little Millie, who we didn't efen know ferst, so we hopes that we can do it for sweet Brandi and her sweet Momma.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm a Hero!!!


Mommy says that I am her hero!! I noticed that the light on the beepy fing on the table next to the bed was off, and when that happens, the beepy fing does not go off. So, I cleared efurryfing off the table finking that Mommy would wake up, but she didn't. So, I moved the beepy fing (and it's really big and heavy) to the edge of the table and gotted behind it and pushed it right onto the bed near her head. She woked up then and looked at me and was about to yell at me, then she looked at the beepy fing and it was 5 minutes before get up time, and she noticed that the light was off, so she said I was a really good boy and a HERO!

OH!!! This is funny. Mommy could not get a pikshur of it, but Miles was going frough the garbage can last night and he finded the empty ham container, and he broughted it out to the living room and was walking around wif it in his mouf, meowing. He was saying "Mommy, we need more of this!!!! Go get some!!!" but Mommy just fought he was being funny. She tried to get a pikshur of it, but he kepted moving his head around and mommy kepted saying "stop being a bobble head doll Miles and hold still" then he droppded the container and went to sulk 'acause she was not going to the store.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No fun


Yes, it IS TOO alot of fun to bite your toes while you are asleep. I likes to hear the screaming sound you make when it wakes you up.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No, I don't haf Green Eyes


Mommy says I haf a Green Eyed monster in me. I askded her what that means as I was pushing Sammy out of the way to get to sit next to Mommy on the couch, and she said that I was jealous of Sammy getting attention from her. No I'm not. I just want my share of attention at the same time he gets his. Then after she kissed on Sammy and me and Trixie for a while when she gotted home from werk, she gived us ham. Sammy actually ate a piece and I hissed at him, 'acause it was from my pile. Then I tried to eat Trixie's pile. I was just hungry, not jealous that she gotted some too. Why can't Mommy see that I don't have a green eyed monster living in me? My eyes are BLUE -see?

This pikshur is for Kukka. She saided that I could draw a pikshur of a giftie for her and I did. I hope you likes it Kukka! It's a little small, but I did put your name on it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Things I haf put to a "toothy death"


The tally:

3 of Mommy's sweaters (i have chewed frough the sleeves)
1 pillow (ripped out all the feathers)
8 feather toys (completely destroyed)
2 of Mommys shirts (chewed frough the bottom or the sleeve)
1 pair of Mommy's jeans (ripped 2 of the belt loops off wif my teef).

It's really funny when Mommy doesn't realize that I chewed frough somefing like a sleeve until she gets to werk. I chew on her clothes while she is in the human litterbox room in the morning. I'm not a bad boy, am I?

Monday, July 10, 2006



Is that why I feel yucky? It's Monday? Oh, and Mommy has to go back to werk today. She still is sick, so I hopes that she has a good day. Me? Oh, I'm going back to sleep. Then maybe I'll get up and push some stuff off the tables and take anofurr nap. Then after that, maybe I'll look out the window, and then push some more stuff off the tables. Or go upstairs and unmake the bed so that there are lots of places to hide in it. And then pull some feathers out of the pillows. When it's hot out, mommy doesn't close all the doors upstairs 'acause it gets too hot in the rooms, so there's lots of fings to do while she's at werk. Maybe that's why I'm so tired - a kittys werk is nefurr done.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home again


Well, Max was right, it was about 15 sleeps until they gotted home. Trixie had told us that we has to be mad at them when they come in, so that they fink they was wrong to leave us. Sammy was sleeping on the couch when Mommy camed in, and he sat up and when she tried to pet him, he ran upstairs. Trixie didn't move from in front of the patio window.
I tried, I really really tried, but as soon as I seed Mommy walking down the hall, I got so happy and 'acited, that I rubbed all ofurr her and when she satted down on the couch, I jumped up and licked her face.

I'm so ashamed. I'm not worthy of being a cat.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

By Bay-k-shun they mean...


That THEY are going on bay-k-shun and leaving us at home. They said that they wanted to take us kamping wif them, but they were afraid to 'acause Sammy and I are 'ascairt of going outside, and kamping is mostly outside. So, off they go leaving us here wif a huge bowl of crunchies and 3 big bowls of water. They said they would be home Saturday morning, but we don't know how many sleeps that is. Does anyone know how many sleeps it is 'till Saturday morning?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day


According to the Declaration of Independence, we haf the right to

Life, Libety and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Our mommy tolded us all about the Founding Fathers and that after all they went through to make our country free, most of them died in poverty. They gave efurryfing they had to make our country great.

Mommy and daddy (and Gramma Trixie and Grampa Norton, and Ralphie) used to life in Phil-a-del-phia for a long time. They wented to the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and visited the Liberty Bell many times. They fink efurry American should visit this place at least once in their lifetime, so that they can appreciate what these great men went frough to start our country.

We are going to go and engage in one of our rights - The Pursuit of Stinky Goodness (otherwise known as Happiness in a can).

Haf a Happy Fourth of July efurry one!

Monday, July 03, 2006



We has bay-k-shun this week. We don't has to get anyone up early. Which also means that we has to wait WAAAAAYYYY late to get brek-fest. But I guess it's ok if efurryone will be home. lots of snuggles.

We has been hafing lots of fun wif Mittens this week. Trixie has been furry happy to have company.

Saturday, July 01, 2006



Bean werds are stoopid. Mommy says to me "Miles, want some HAM-burger?"

Well, DUH, of course I want HAM-burger. It's oinky goodness!!!!!

Um, WHA??? This don't taste like oinky goodness! It tastes like MOO-burger! Why is it called HAM-burger if it's MOO-burger???

ARRRGH. I'm all 'afused.

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...