Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy (?) New Year


Happy New Year. I guess. I am still so mad a the mom. I really want to apologize to efurryone that we did not get our holiday cards out . Mommy says that between Me and Billy being sick, and werk and "life" (like she's allowed to have one!) she just could not get everything done. We appreciate all of the cards that we got. We are still working on the thank you notes for all of the generous donations to our v-e-t bills. Those WILL go out (or there will be pandemonium, and anarchy around here).

Mommy is furry werrie about me - my head it tilted to the left most of the time and sometimes when I look up at her when she is standing up my head is almost upside down it's so tilted. She just holds me and cries. Like it's not bad enough that I'm tilted, but now i have to be slobberd on, and wet too? SHEESH - get a grip woman! Although my head is tilted, I am not nearly as wobbly as I was before. I still have prollems jumping up on high places, but I am better. So I really really REALLY does not want to go back to the v-e-t but there's still that threat. Mommy says she has to talk to the v-e-t to see what the "next steps" are. 'asides an oper-way-shun.

Oh, and last night Billy whapped a full glass of water right onto mommy's head while she was sleeping. now THAT was some comedy. She gasped really loud and sat straight up really really fast and looked like someone was trying to kill her or something. HOLY COW, it was HYSTERICAL. And then she saided something like fev-ver pillows take forever to dry. and she hadded to wrap the pillow in one of her big giant bath sheet towels.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesdays With Bill - Chicken Fat


It's 'barassing when mommy sings this. She useded to play this when she teached nursery school - she would force the kiddies in her class to do this 'afore lunch so that they would sleep during nap time. Oh, wait. So that they would be healthy. Yeah, that's it.

Ok euffrybody, get ready!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mad Meezer Monday


I is a FURRY MAD MEEZER. I is FURRY MAD AT THE MOM. Furriends, we really need a new mother. We is so far 'ahind on our holiday stuff - we haf not gotted our cards out yet 'acause she has been "busy" wif her mommy and daddy, and EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES. Oh, and that whole "sick" thing for a week. We will nail her to the sofa to make her do our cards - 'acause we gotted so many nice cards and we doesn't want our furriends to hate us for not getting ours out. ::glaring at the mom::

Well, we did get our secret paws boxes out so hopefully they will arrive soon!! We is sorry that they're arriving almost at the end of the time, but, well, YOU should try hafing our mom for a mom. SHEESH . SHE NEFUR LISSENS.

To efurryone that sented us a secret paws gift - we akshually haf pikshurs. In the camera. If I hadded thumbs I could take the memory card out and put it in the laptop myself, but it's furry small and I need a thumb.

I might haf to go back to the v-e-t this week. I'm still tipsy and mommy says that i is walking around wif my head tilted pretty far to the left. I DON'T WANT TO GO. Sanjee, can you please hide me? Mommy is back at werk this week so we has all day to find a good hiding spot.

::SIGH:: I need a new mom.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Chrissymouse


Here is a link to the bestest chrissymouse song EVER (because I wroted it)

Here is a new one I writed (to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas)

On the first day of christmas
my true love gave to me
a whole pig in the freezer

On the second day of christmas
my true love gave to me
two doves and turtles and............

On the third day of christmas
my true love gave to me
three frenched hens,.............

On the fourth day of christmas
my true love gave to me
four big birds.............

On the fifth day of christmas
my true love gave to me

On the sixth day of christmas
my true love gave to me
six cans of ham..............

On the seventh day of christmas
my true love gave to me
seven pints of cream...........

on the eighth day of christmas
my true love gave to me
eight nip mousies..........

on the ninth day of christmas
my true love gave to me
nine chickens dancing........

on the tenth day of christmas
my true love gave to me
ten turkeys leaping.......

on the eleventh day of christmas
my true love gave to me
eleven pork rinds crackling......

on the twelfth day of christmas
my true love gave to me
twelve rolls of rolaids...........

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Meezers Night Before Christmas - part II

Part 1 is here

'Twas the night before christmas
and again through the house
all the creatures were stirring
and making mommy grouse

No stockings were hung
by the TV this year
'cause we have a BILL
and he doesn't care

The Meezers weren't nestled
or snug in their beds
a game of THOE
was happening overhead

And the mom in her fleece
and the dad in his hat
had just settled their butts
when the dad yelled "What was that?"

Well up in the bedroom
there arose such a clatter
that the mom sprang to her feet
to see what was the matter

Away to the stairs she flew like a flash
tripped on the first step
and fell on her a**

the moon in the living room
of the newly fallen the mom
was a sight to behold
but not one we would recommend

(oh come on, it's hard to rhyme MOM and still make sense)

Then what to our wondering eyes did appear
but the big fleecy beast
and it struck us with fear

Who knew the old lady
could move quite that fast
we knew in a moment
our fun times won't last

She whistled and shouted
and called us by name
Now Squishy
Now DIzzy
Now Wheezy
come on Sammy
you all
to the top of the stairs

As bad kitties who never hear her yell
we meet with the fleece monster
oh, we're going to he**
so down the hall we scamper and prance
singing "you can't stop our merry christmas dance"

And then in a twinkling
she heard someone tinkling

(WAIT, MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM do we HAF to let Billy help write this?)

And then in the dim light
she saw something weird
she looked down the hall
and the light disappeard

She squinted her eyes
and drew in her breath
"if you broke that lamp
you'll meet an untimely death"

She groped at the wall
she bounced off the rail
she took a step
and stomped on a tail

The Meezers and Bill
knew they must chill
or Santy might come
and leave something dumb

As they settled in their beds
and the mom rubbed their heads
they each gave a purr
as she stroked their soft fur

Their dreams were for peace
and toys and feasts
and the mom heard them say
as they drifted away

Merry Chrissymouse to all
And to all a Good Night

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesdays With Bill


BILLY: HEY MOM LADY PERSON!!! Can you come here and talk to ME?

Mom Lady Person (MLP): Of course little man, what do you want to talk about?

BILLY: Well, how comes we can't open the secret paws presents that we gotted:

MLP: Well, we is waiting for all of them to arrive, and we have to send out the ones that YOU are sending out

BILLY: WHY hasn't YOU sented them out?

MLP: Well, there's about a foot of snow and the roads have not been plowed and I was sick and........

BILLY: 'SKUSES!!! ME does not want to hear 'SKUSES!!

MLP: Billy, that's not very nice. Remember, Santy Paws is coming in 2 days

BILLY: Who is Santy Paws?

MLP: Santy Paws is.............. well, he's..............

SAMMY: I'll answer this one mother. Santy Paws is a fat old man who gets stuck in chimneys, smells like vishus deer and jiggles like jello. And he brings nip toys to good kitties.

BILLY: MLP?? Has ME been a good kitty? ME tries to be a good kitty.

MLP: Yes Billy, you have been a good kitty. you lived on your own and had your own rules for half your life and then you came here to live and have to live by our rules and you try very hard. You can't help it if you have a slip up now and then. Plus, you have medical problems and Santy Paws takes that into account to.

BILLY: Does Santy Paws bring pressies for mommies and daddies too?

MLP: Yes he brings pressies to all mommies and daddies who love their kitties and do their very best to always be good to their kitties.

BILLY: MLP, can ME write a letter to Santy Paws??

MLP: Sure you can honey. You tell me what to write:

BILLY: OK, Dear Santy Paws who stinks like deer and jiggles like jello. ME has been a good boy this year since I camed here to live. Please bring me some nip toys to hide and some stuff for my brofurs too. Oh, and please keep all of my furriends safe and warm ('speshully Jeter) and bring them lots of ham and turkey and roast beast and real live dead shrimp ('speshully Max). Oh and please bring the mommies and daddies lots of cool stuff too. Oh, and please bring my furriends at the v-e-t lots of cool stuff 'acuase they love me and I love them. Oh, and lots of cool stuff for mine daddy too. Oh, bring lots of nice stuff for everycat and efurry woofie!!!! Thank you - your furriend Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap

SAMMY: ::Whispers to Billy::

BILLY: OH, and PEE ESS: Please bring somefing for the Mom Lady Person. She's not so bad. She lets me eat her dinner.

MLP: That was very nice Billy. Is there anything else?

BILLY: Nope, you can go away now........................ oh, FANKS!!!!! ::runs over and gives MLP a headbutt and whispers:: ME finks me loves you MLP

MLP: It's a chrissymouse miracle!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meezer Monday


A note to the woman:

If you don't have a brush in your hand, I have no use for your petting. There's a reason why I whapped the brush into your back and onto your head while you were bomiting over the weekend. BRUSH ME. You had time between bomits to brush me. I was there. I saw you just sitting there. I don't care that you were slightly green and moaning. Your hands were not busy. BRUSH ME!!!!! I has to keep my furs floofy for my Abby darling.

Yours truly

PEE ESS: What's a "Brush hore?" (I think that werd in on my bad werd list. OOOOOOOOOOOO now you're in trouble for calling me a bad name)

Saturday, December 20, 2008



Sorry we didn't update more yesterday - mommy has been really sicky with bomiting every hour or so all day yesterday and all last night.

the v-e-t saided that i does haf a small polyp that is prolly what's making me dizzy. he talkded to the bomit queen and they 'acided to wait a couple of weeks to see if i gets better. yesterday i jumpded up to get on the couch and made it up there 'afore i falled ofur, so that's a good sign that i might get better!

ok, well, we gots to go and walk all ofur mommy's stomach to make her feel better.

Friday, December 19, 2008

V-E-T results


Ok, so I wented to the v-e-t yesterday and they maded me sleepy to do some tests. But not 'afore I peed on the v-e-t and a assistant. So after the tests I was groggy for a while. Then mommy camed and she talked to the v-e-t. He thinks that the mri shows that I haf a small polyp that's making me dizzy. he will haf the head v-e-t double check and let mommy know in the morning. They could operate or wait a couple of weeks to see if I gets better. The v-e-t thinks that i could get better 'acuase my eyes is not moving as much as they was. i gotted some new med-i-cines to make me less sick to my stomach. but then mommy gived me CRAB for dinner. So i might forgive her for making me go there all day.

Thursday, December 18, 2008



Miles is NOT HAPPY hafing to go to the v-e-t all day today. The v-e-t will call in the afternoon for mommy to pick him up.

TONIGHT!!! OH YEAH!!!! TONIGHT we is hosting a chatzy party!! Something FUN! There will be lots of foods and drinks and prolly DANCING ON THE CEILING!!

Here is the link: the password is littleelffeet. We will open the room early, however we will not be there for the party until about 7pm eastern time. WOO HOOO!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


My rule for today: Baths STINK!!!!! (but prolly not as much as falling into the litterbox).


Whappage for this week: 2 tables full of chrissymouse cards and presents- totally cleaned off. We need a tree.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesdays With Bill

Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap

ME is in the CCSI show!! ME is so 'acited!!!!

ME also pickded snuggle winners!! (OK, ME and Sammy)

Forest Snuggle Winner

Holly Snuggle Winner

Concatulations Daisy MaeMaus and Chey!! We will contact DKM to find out about shipping!!!

Thank you to efurryone who buyed raffle tickets!!!

ME and Miles update: ME is not coffing much anymore but still wheezing and hafing hard times breafing. But ME is still taking pills so ME will haf to go to v-e-t for pikshurs of my insides after the pills is done.

Miles is still tipsy. AND he hadded the hic-kups last night. That was funny.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is the meezer monday miles report for today:

The As The World Turns Report - my werld is spinning all over the place and I hate it. I don't understand why I cannot walk or jump. It's like before and I didn't understand it then either. But the good thing is that I get the prime snuggling spot in the middle of the bed so that I don't fall out of bed. Yesteray I gotted dizzy while I was in the litterbox and I falled down in the box and hadded to haf a bath. I was mad at mommy all day.

The V-E-T report - I hate the v-e-t. I have to spend the whole day there Thursday (we can't do it sooner becuase mommy leaves for work at 5:30 am and the v-e-t doesn't open till 8am, and they close before mommy gets home from werk. Plus, the good v-e-t is off Monday and Tuesday this week. So I go in on thursday. I don't want to go. My girlfriendcat will teleport there to be with me.

The weather report - cold. snow. warm. rain. cold and snow again. sheesh.

The furriend report - I wants to thank efurryone for all of the good thoughts and purrs and purrayers and for all of your generosity. you cannot begin to imagine how grateful we are to haf such wonderful furriends. Thank you all so very much.

The Raffle report - we will be drawing tonight because someone named Mom forgot the paper and ink for the printer.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Raffle Update:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and totally the fault of the woman who calls herself "Mother" the raffle winners will be drawn Monday night. We apologize for the delay (SOMEONE forgot to buy ink AND paper for the printer. Good help is so hard to find)


scroll down for newer posts


LOOKY!!!! The wonderful Sophia and DKM (and our wonderful furriends 'Lando and Meezer Bun Fiona) have donated 2 (YES TWO!!) OFFICIAL DKM SNUGGLES for us to raffle off to help with v-e-t bills. Look!! The green one is called "FOREST" and the green and red one is called "HOLLYBERRY". They are GORGEOUS!!! (And apparently, the will come with the wonderful scent of Sophia!!!)

So, here is what we are gonna do. We are going to sell the raffle tickets - 1 ticket for $2 and 3 tickets for $5. We will have 2 (YES TWO) drawings - one for each snuggle. The money will be split between kitties who needs help with v-e-t bills - like Sweet Misty (who hadded that awful surgery), Beau (who has a big bill to pay off), Us for Billy (who needs x-rays and diagnostic visits to find out why he cannot breathe) and others if we raise enough money.

These are some GORGEOUS special Christmas Snuggles - the purrfekt gift for the special kitty in your life (and aren't ALL of us kitties special??).

Oh, and Billy will be drawing the winners personally.
The raffle will end on December 14.
Thank you for your donations and we cannot wait to have the drawing!!!

One ticket for $2 (this button now works, we apologize for mommy's not getting it set up right

3 tickets for $5

Saturday, December 13, 2008



Hi Efurryone!! Ferst, I want to say FANK YOU for all of the concern and nice werds and helpful suggestions about what's wrong wif me, and also the truly wonderful generosity you all haf shown us. Mommy's eyes haf been so leaky efurrytime she checks her email. I wented back to the v-e-t this morning and saw the owner of the hospital - he's furry nice and I didn't pee on him. I peed on the assistant, again. I told her I was sorry and I guess she doesn't hate me. The v-e-t thinks that I might either somefing called "ideopathic feline vestibular disease" or a tumor. Because this has happened before and it's rare that a kitty has more than one episode of that. So I has to go into the v-e-t for a whole day for tests - on Thursday ::SIGH::

Friday, December 12, 2008

Miles has a Emergency

Update Number 2: Meezer Mom here:
First, thank you so much for all of your donations and kind words and thoughts and prayers. They mean so much to us. Miles is back from the v-e-t and for the first time in 12 years of going to this animal hospital I am disappointed. The v-e-t Miles saw today was the same one he saw the last time he had this problem and she still has no idea what is wrong with him. She sad that she would not draw more blood because the FIP test 18 months ago was negative, and that was her only thought as to a diagnosis this time too. She said to watch him closely and bring him back in 4 days At that time they will do a series of about 8-10 xrays, and more blood tests. (note: Miles was in the middle of a pee fest so maybe she didn't want to stress him out more now. who knows.) But for now I have to watch to see how much he eats and drinks and if he’s tipping over to the same side every time he tips over. So we will be going back on Tuesday (another note: if one of the senior vets is in tomorrow, we may go back then). He may need to see a neurologist. and have a cat scan.
Oh and Miles peed on the dr and 2 assistants

UPDATE: Miles has a 3:30 'pointment ('acuase it's surgery day at the hospital so there are no 'pointments 'till after lunch and the 'mergency vet said it was at least a 4 hour wait there) but mommy can bring him in at noon for them to watch him 'till 3:30. Miles don't want to go AT ALL. He will not come out from unner the bed - he akshually HISSED at mommy 'acuase she wanted him to come out. I think I have to go unner the bed and kick his furry butt.

Hello Efurryone - Sammy here.

Miles is furry furry sick - he cannot walk straight and whenefur Mommy picks him up he hollers. Mommy has to take him to the v-e-t, which means that she has to miss a day of werk. She doesn't haf a lot of green papers to pay for any tests or anyfing, so please purray for us that the v-e-t will take a payment plan and help Miles get better. We is furry furry werried about Miles. Remember the last time he hadded this prollem they v-e-t was werried that he had FIP, and he hadded to haf lots and lots of blood tests. Please purray for us.

Finally Friday


Please don't forget our raffle - it ends at about 8pm Sunday night - we is trying to raise green papers for kitties with v-e-t bills (some of if for our Billy who needs x-rays and stuff to find out why he can't breathe) Thank you for all of your help!!!

So, I guess I was a bad boy yesterday. After brekfest I wented back upstairs and hided unner the bed. Mommy could not find me and she looked for me as long as she could and lefted the house crying. When she camed home, she called for me and I didn't answer She finded me unner the bed (that's how she guessed that I was there all the time). I didn't want to come out. I doesn't know why, but I frowed up the night before after my dinner, so I guess i was still a little sick. She pulled me out from unner the bed and holded me and cried and telled me that she was so werried all day long that she hadded heart bern!! I' sorry Mommy. I'll try and be a good boy from now on. I didn't mean to make you cry all day. But the good thing from all of this is that I gotted extra stinky goodness last night.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Stuff


Ok, now that we have beat up mommy for being plain rude about this, we would like to thank the following kitties and woofies for these awards:
This wonderful award came from Cory and from Summer, Romeo, Isis, Bob and Babe We would like to thank you all for this award - we are truly humbled by your kindness! (and if you haf gifed us this award and we didn't list your name, you are more than welcome to come ofur and beat up our rude mommy yourself)
This award came from our wonderful woofie furriend Princes Isis - Thank you so much! If you have not met Princess Isis, please go visit her - she's a gorgeous American Eskimo (like Billy's furriend Maxx)
We is sad today because we lost 3 good furrends yesterday - Cloud Chaser and Skeeter and Mr Kelly. We will miss them very much.

Dont forget about our raffle - there will be 2 drawings for the genuine DKM snuggles - and you can see that they come with Sophia scent!! This will benefit kitties who have v-e-t bills to pay off (and go towards Billy's x-rays to find out why he cannot breathe).

We is planning on hafing a pre-holiday party next Thursday on Chatzy. Would anyone be interested in coming??

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


My important rule for today: booze filled chocolates will make you sick. and maybe drunk. but mostly sick. (I only eated half of one little chocolate bottle, with the 'luminum foil it was wrapped in. NOW she knows that I'M FREAKING HUNGRY).


Guess what, it's a NON WHAPPING report. Some (most, everyone but us 'prolly) of you will have trees in your house for the holiday. To admire. And whap ornaments off the branches. And chew the lights. Well, WE cannot haf a tree this year, 'acuase WE has a BILLY. And a BILLY will destroy the tree. so NO whappable ornaments for us. NO lights to chew through. No presents to bat around. no ribbons to chew through. NO HOLIDAY WHAPPING. I'm 'giskusted. I need a new family.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesdays With Bill

ME is doing the 6th pikshur memememememe (we gotted tagged by Goma!!)
Here is our pikshur
Oh, it's not ME. That's not fair.

The Mom Lady Person saided that ME should gif efurryone a update on my healf. Well, ME is taking ucky pills for anofur week. Mommy saided that ME is still wheezing lots and couffing lots and but the ucky pills haf maded it a little bit better. Mommy says that ME will still haf to haf the x-rays of my head and my throat and my lungs to see if ME has polyps in my ears or throat or if my lungs is ok or not. Fanks for efurryone that has buyed raffle tickets for the snuggles - they will help ME get x-rays and pay off v-e-t bills for ofur kitties who haf been sick.

Oh, in other Meezer noos - MILES has been so upset about his d-i-e-t that he eated half a piece of chocolate candy while mommy was a werk yesterday. and he throwed up all ofur the dining room.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Meezer Monday Miles Report


Here is my report for this meezer monday


SAMMY - errrrrr I gotta go do some paranormal 'vestigating in the basement. and, errrrrrrr, I really doesn't want to be around to hear the whining and moaning and begging that will start when he recovers from his fainting.

BILLY - um, Miles??? why can't we haf bacon anymore??? ::SNIFFS::

MILES: oh, I'm just not in the mood to continue this Meezer Monday Miles report. I might as well just go stare at my empty dish. ........ ::walks off mumbling:: - I know what I'm going to do

AVAILABLE: One 3 year old seal point Meezer. Muscular. Likes: various pork products, as well as most types of poultry and beef. Sitting on people laps and petting people faces. Hiding in tents. wandering around hollering. Dislikes: DIETS. any type of perceived medical intervention, getting eye boogers gouged out, PTU's. In need of a mother type figure who is generous with the pork products. Situation is desperate.

Friday, December 05, 2008



Mommy herted her back real bad and she could barely move yesterday . she camed home early from werk, but she has to go to werk today becuase she has to teach a train something.


Miles, I think that she has to train a seal, not teach a train.


No, she has to conduct the train.


Oh, ok, she has to train some people to do somefing and she cannot miss it. I'm shur that will go well. I wonder how much they will learn in between the moaning she's doing.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen reasons I was mad at mommy this week

1. She left the house on Wednesday and DID NOT CHECK THE CRUNCHY BOWLS. They were EMPTY. ALL DAY. ALL FREAKING DAY.

2. While givng me butt scritches she insulted my booty by calling it "nasty"

3. She will not let me ghost hunt at night in the dungeon. How am I going to be able to further my paranormal inves-ta-gashun career if I cannot ghost hunt?

4. Did I mention NO CRUNCHIES ALL DAY???

5. not putting her arm out for proper snuggling posishun

6. not stuffing a gag in the little brat's mouth sometime during his 5 hour operatic aria coming back from daddy's house.

7. STILL not guessing what kind of stinky goodness I want to eat for breakfast.

8. making the house cold by opening the front door. Either stay in or go out.

9. not letting me eat the fev-vers off the fev-ver wand

10. not leaving enough room on her face for me to sleep (putting the pillow there instead of my butt is NOT ALLOWED).

11. not letting me hang over the balcony

12. not stopping Miles the chub-o from laying on my head on the torcherous ride back from meezer dad's house


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


My rule for today: Learning how to control the clicky thing for the talking picture box is good. Learning how to do it at 2am is 'parently not so good. (but it's more fun at that time!!).


Oh gosh, there was LOTS of whapping at Meezer Dad's house!!! Most of it in the middle of the night and onto 'no-lee-um floor where it's really loud!!! Things that gotted whapped: water glass, bottle of hair goop for mommy, daddy's folders (lots of them), magazines, a stapler, food dishes, and the waste basket. FUN TIMES!!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesdays With Bill

Hi Efurryone!!
ME hadded good Thanksgiving.
ME wented to mine daddy's house.
ME LOVES mine daddy.
ME also LOVES riding in the metal machine wif wheels. ME singed and singed and hollered and singed and hollered the whole time. it was FUN
The Mom Lady Person and Mine Daddy teached us all a new dance this weekend!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Meezer Monday Miles Report - Post Thanksgiving Edition


Here is the Meezer Monday Miles Report for today. Post Thanksgiving.

The Travel Report - we travelled to Meezer Dad's house for the holiday. Sammy and I were, of course, wonderful travellers. BILLY on the other hand would not shut up for the entire trip. Eleventy nine freaking hours (oh, 5, same thing).

The Foods Report - Ham and Shrimps were waiting all prepared in crystal bowls for us (ME) to have on MY foo-ton. Sammy nefur eats it and Billy only hadded a couple of bites, so I hadded 2 WHOLE DISHES to myself. On MY foo-ton.

The sick report - I am sneezy and my eyes is goopy. Sammy is also a little runny eyed and Billy is still wheezing some. He is still on his med-i-cines. Mommy says I mght haf to haf the eye goop stuff jammed into my eyeballs. I refuse. I will pee on her again if she tries. I did that the last time. She KNOWS how I feel about medical treatment. And if she tries to pick more eye boogers out of my eyes, I WILL haf to rip her flesh open wif my mighty claws of doom.

The MeezerDad report - Please say some purrayers that our daddy finds a jobbie soon. He has a couple of leads so pleays purray that they turn into innerviews and then into jobbies.

The Dungeon Report by Sammy Meezer - there is no dungeon at Meezer Dad's house but there is SOMETHING in the walls in the kit-chen. I HADDED to holler out there in the middle of the night the ferst night we was there to make shur that the alien there knowed not to mess with me. Back to you Miles

Thank you Sammy.
The Grampie Report - please purray for our grampie (mommy's daddy). He will be 83 on Wednesday and his back is really really hurty and he cannot get out of bed. He may haf to go in the 'bamalance to the bean hospital and see the bean v-e-t.

That is the Meezer Monday Miles Report.

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...