Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bad Bad Stoopid Jobbie Interview People


Mommy camed home from her innerview and was furry furry upset. She gotted there a little early, so she hanged out in her metal monster wif wheels for a while. Then she wented into the building and wented to the see-kurity desk like she was tolded to do, and gived the guard purrson the name and phone number of the purrson she was 'apposed to meet. It was a little early, and the purrson was not at her desk. So, at 4:00 she hadded the guard try again. Not at her desk. The guard tried about efurry 3 minutes to call the lady she was 'apposed to meet, but the lady was nefurr at her desk. Mommy gotted furry upset and after 20 minutes tolded the guard she was going home, and if the lady efurr happened to call back, to tell her that it was rude of her to not be there at the 'pointment time. Mommy then finded the innerview confirmation and finded anofurr phone number, and called that. It was to the lady's "backup" purrson and he saided that the lady wented home at 3pm 'acause she saided that she hadded nofing else on her kalendar. He lookeded at her kalendar and Mommy's name was no where on any day on it. Mommy was furry upset 'acause she hadded an email from this lady telling her today was the day. So, she drived 87 miles there for nofing. She saided that was alot of gas for her metal monster. So, we spented most of the evening purring on her and making her feel better.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cross your pawsies


Mommy has a jobbie innerview today at 4. But it's 87 miles away from our house, so if they offer her the jobbie, she will only take it if they 'llow her to werk from home a few days a week. We won't move there 'acause mommy's mommy and daddy are senior beans and not well, and she doesn't want to be far away from them.
She also has an innerview in the same place (the building next door to the innerview today) tomorrow at 4. Again, she will only consider it if they lets her werk from home.

So, cross your pawsies that efurryfing goes well.

Monday, January 29, 2007

We is home


We is home now - and there is lots and lots of snow here and it's furry furry cold. We hadded lots of fun at daddy's house. Miles' eye is much better, efen fough he didn't let them put any goop in it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Furrsday Furteen - by Miles Meezer

Thirteen Good Fings about Daddy's house

1…. FOO-TON!!!!!!!!
2.... Lots of windows
3.... The ceiling in the lifing room is furry low near the window, and if I had my velcro shoes, I could walk on it wif no prollems
4.... The echo in the kit-chen is really good for yowling in the middle of the night
5.... The Lazy Soozan cabinet in the kit-chen - Sammy can get it to spin
6.... there must be nip in the rug - I can't stop rolling on it and pouncing it
7.... The window still ofurr the foo-ton is in the purrfekt posishun for a good pounce on whoefurr is sitting on the foo-ton
8.... lots of places to hide
9.... it's fun unner the bed
10... the kit-chen table is really big and fun to play on
11... the coffee table is fun to slide on
12... daddy is here
13... MY FOO-TON - I love my foo-ton so much.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What does you mean you FORGOT?


You wented to the store yesterday, and gotted lots of stuff for YOU, but you FORGOT to get more stinky goodness? WHAT THE.......................???????

Get dressed and GO OUT AND GET ME MY FOOD.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We is Here


Well, we is here bisiting my foo-ton. I loves my foo-ton. Oh, and my daddy too. No good foods yet. Maybe today they will do some shopping and buy me some good foods.

OH, and I BEATED the tag-team goop. I gotted Burrito wrapped, and then daddy helded me, and mommy gooped me, and then I gotted out and washed it all out of my eye. HA.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Travel Day


We is travelling today to go see Meezer Daddy. We will be leaving about noon our time and it takes about 5 hours to get there. We will be there all week. But mommy is bringing our laptop wif us so we will still be able to blog and bisit efurryone.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still a little hurty


Hi efurryone. My mouf is still a little hurty. I still has to take the pain med-i-k-shun and the banana flavored anty-by-otiks. I hate them. AND my goopy stuff for my eye. It was looking better, but now I'm all winky and blinky and red again. I doesn't know why. I HATE the goopy stuff and haf discovered the following moves to avoid it.

1 The backward crescent roll - when Mommy picks me up and i see the tube of goopy stuff in her hand, i bend ofurr backward into as much of a circle as i can get into.

2. the head fan - keep swiveling your head back and forf really fast. goop will ushually end up in your ear

3. frow your paws in the air - and wave them around really fast in front of your face. goop will ushually end up on your leg

4. head roll/eye skweeze - this werks almost all the time. roll your head back and forf like in the head fan but not as fast, and skweeze your eyes shut - this will sometimes lead to goop in the nose. but at least it's not in the eye.

5. the slide and run. by far my most favoritist move - while doing one of the moves above, slide your body really slow to the edge of the couch or chair or efunn the lap, and when you gets to the end, just drop and RUN RUN RUN.

I hope this helps anycat out there who has to haf GOOP.

Friday, January 19, 2007

My v-e-t bisit


I wented to the v-e-t yesterday. To see the same v-e-t who pulled out Mileses teef. I was really scairt to be going out the door - I nefurr gets near the door when it's open. Then, we has to walk around the side of the house by the garden where Mommy finded me when I was a lost baby. I still get really scairt there. Then we was in the metal monster wif wheels, and I hadded to hide. I hided on the floor. Mommy gotted me wrapped up on the blankie (forget the PTU for v-e-t visits, Mommy always has to take them apart to get me out, and those wif the opening on top are no better). The v-e-t lady was nice. She pokded me a few times, but I didn't gets anyfing stuck up my you-know-where. She lookded in my eyes and saided they was beautiful, but crossed. I fink that makes me look more Meezerish. She stabbed me TWICE. But she was talking really nice to me. Then she lookded at my teef. The good news is that I does not seem to haf the same dental prollems Miles has - I haf some -ginger-vitis (must be a curse from those nasty ginger kitties who torment me). and I will prolly need a dental in about a year. The ofurr good news is that I doesn't have to have rooster shots for 2 years!!!! But the bestest news is that MILES IS FAT. The v-e-t tookded me to get weighted and I did my Meezer best and YOWLED at the top of my lungs the whole time so that Mommy could hear me from the waiting room. Then she tolded Mommy I weigh 13.3 pounds. Miles weighs 15.7. HAHAHAHAHAHA. She said she didn't unnerstand 'acause I LOOK so much fatter than Miles, but he weighs almost 2.5 lbs more than me. I forgave her for that fat comment. I'm not fat, I'm floofy.

Now the bad news, I HAF FLEAS!! OH MY GOD!!! I fink that Mommy bringded them in the house after playing wif the woofie that lifs 'ahind our house. Mommy askded her if I haf fleas, how come I nefurr skracth myself. And why doesn't Miles haf fleas? She saided that my furs is so fick and lukshureeous that I prolly could not feel the fleas, and that they prolly likes my furs better than his not so lukshureeous furs. So, now we bof haf to use Revolushun for 3 monfs. But mommy combded me all ofurr last night wif a flea comb and didn't find anyfing. Not efunn flea dert. I fink the v-e-t is cracked. And the funniest fing was that when mommy lookded at my chart, they had me listed as a Lilac point Meezer. She laffed and saided to the v-e-t "does he look like a lilac point to you?" and the v-e-t laffed and saided that the purrson who putted that in my chart must nefurr haf seen a Meezer 'afore.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Furrsday Furteen - by Sammy Meezer

Thirteen Things That Annoy Me - by Sammy Meezer

1…. Not hafing Tem-tay-shuns when I want them.

2.... Miles getting snuggled in bed 'afore me

3.... The mean ginger kitties that torment me frough the patio window

4.... Mommy always sitting on MY side of the couch

5.... Mommy not playing "fingers" wif me long enuf when she goes down the stairs

6.... Mommy not playing wif me wif my fev-ver toy long enuf when I wants to play

7.... The new 'skripshun dental crunchy food that Mommy bringed home. It blech.

8.... Mommy moving my purr pad around

9.... Mommy telling me to stop when I'm making biscuits on her head wif my claws out in the middle of the night

10.. Not getting to watch the TV shows I want to watch (well, I don't know what shows I want to watch 'acause no one efurr asks me, but I'm shur that there are shows I would like)

11.. I doesn't haf my own cell phone and I wants one.

12.. Mommy telling me to stop when I jam my nose inside hers to wake her up

13.. Mommy telling me to stop when I frow fings off the table next to the bed and hit her in the head wif them when I want her to wake up.
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What a day


Ferst of all, fank you all for your kind sympafy. I 'preciate it. Yesterday was a long bad day.

Ferst, Mommy waked up really early and gotted the metal monster wif wheels going. Then she pulled out my fleece blankie and burrito wrapped me and taked me outside. It was freaking COLD outside and somefing was falling on my face when I lookded up. Mommy saided it was snow. I doesn't like snow. It's cold and wet and it falls on your face. Then, we wented for a ride in the metal monster. When we gotted there, I lookded out and saided "oh no, not HERE again". We wented inside and my furriend Paul talked to Mommy about blood tests, and poop tests, and my surgery. Blood tests. That means being stabbed. Great. Then Mommy kissded me and said goodbye . GOODBYE??? I gotted really scairt. Paul takded me into the back and gived me somefing that made my head fuzzy, and then I doesn't 'amember anyfing until some nice purrson was petting my head and telling me I was ok. But my mouf hurted. ALOT. After anofurr sleep, someone was taking me out to the big waiting room and I seed MOMMY!! I reached out for her and I hearded all the ladies saw "awwww, look at him hug his mommy". Then we was in the metal monster again and I lookded out the window all the way home. When I gotted home, I RAN to the dish - no food. But mommy gived me some good stinky goodness and I ate and then I drank a squillon gallons of water. Then we chilled on the couch. Mommy tolded me that I had a dental disease that lots of kitties has - ushally older kitties, but lots of Meezers has it. I hadded furry little tar-ter on my teef, but I had this bakteeria that kind of erodes teef. I hadded 5 teef pulled - not 4 like Mommy fought. I hadded 2 of my little teef pulled, the top 2 teef right 'ahind my fangs, and one of my in-size-ors pulled. I might haf to haf 3 to 5 more teef pulled in 6 to 12 monfs. But for now they putted this stuff like veneers on my teef to try and keep the bakteeria from eating my teef. The v-e-t saided that I haf to haf pain killers and anty-bio-tiks for 5 days. Oh, PLUS my eye goop. I hate that goop. But, my chin is almost healed. The v-e-t saided that she finks I skratched open my chin 'acause my teef hurted.
Tomorrow Sammy has to go haf his shots. That is where all this trouble started - wif my rooster shots. I nefurr want to haf rooster shots again.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Where's Miles?


YET ANOFURR UPDATE: MILES: 4:30 I'm home. I'm cranky. My mouf really hurts. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I need a nap. I was furry happy to see my mommy but she better not efurry do anyfing like that to me again. I'll update more tomorrow.

ANOFURR UPDATE: 1:15pm. The v-e-t called and Miles is out of surgery. He hadded to haf 4 teef removed and va-neers putted on 4 ofurrs. He hadded "pockets" ofurr a couple of teef and hadded to haf anty-bi-otiks put in the pockets. He will haf to haf pain med-i-k-shun when he comes home. Mommy saided he could come home after 4pm - she saided that is 1 long and 1 short sleep from now. She saided that the v-e-t didded some research and askded the head v-e-t there and saided that the lee-shuns are common in Meezers, and that it doesn't mean that he is sick. That's good. The bad news is that I has to see the same v-e-t on Furrsday for my rooster shots. I hopes I doesn't haf to haf a dental.

UPDATE: The v-e-t called and tolded mommy that Miles has to haf several (between 4 and 8) teef pulled, and that he has lesions on his teef. She saided that this is found ushually in older kitties, or kitties wif Feline Lukemia. He tested negative when he was a baby for lukemia, so the v-e-t is confused. Mommy is furry upset. He is still in surgery. We will update later.

Mommy gotted us up early today and then she wented out and chipped the mental monster wif wheels out of the ice and shoveled the driveway. Me and Miles was running around trying to find the food and water - they was all gone. Then Mommy camed and scooped Miles up and burritoed him in a blankie and tooked him outside. Then after 2 sleeps she camed back - wifout Miles. She saided that he would be back this afternoon, but I don't know. He was sreaming when he lefted the house. Now all I can do is run around the house and yowl. Wrestling is no fun by yourself.

Oh, Mommy says that Miles is getting his teef cleaned. I wonder, should I let her try and brush my teefs again so I doesn't haf to get mine done?

Monday, January 15, 2007



I doesn't has to get my rooster shots today. Mommy called and re-scheduled for Fursday. We is hafing an ice storm today and the roads are bad and the power might go out.

Guess what mommy didded to me today? I was getting ready to jump up onto my big windowsill in the human litterbox room, and Mommy putted out her hand and moved somefing, and I MISSED the windowsill. I slammed my belly into the ledge and felled into the trash can. Miles about fell ofurr laffing, and Mommy chased me down the hall to 'pologize, but I hided unner the dresser in the bedroom. It was awful.

Sunday, January 14, 2007



The M's mommy maded a pikshur of me as a Pirate!! Mommy saided that I would has to haf a patch for real if I doesn't be a good boy and let her put my eye goop in my eye. I just can't. It's GOOP. I doesn't like GOOP in my eye!

Saturday, January 13, 2007



My stoopid floodlight is GONE!!!. Mommy lookded at me yesterday morning, wif my winky red eye, and my stoopid floodlight, wif my sad pafetik look and she saided " ok, enuf is enuf, that collar is coming off, BUT, if you skratch your chin, it's going right back on". BOY, did it feel good for it to come off!! I tookded the werlds longest baf, and now efurry where I skratch (except my chin, I hasn't done that) - dander and furs are flying off!

My eye is still really winky and red, but mommy saided the med-i-k-shun will make it better. It might, if i lets her get it anywhere near my face. So far it's gone up my nose and in my ear, and on the back of my head, but not in my eye. I want a patch, 'acuase I wants to be a pirate. ARRGH! MATEY!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Has I already said Crappity Crap Crap Crap?


Crap. Crap. Crap. I has an eye 'fekshun now and I has to haf goop jammed in my eye for that. Plus the goop for my owie on my neck. Plus this stoopid cone is still on. Plus, I don't know how I didded it again, but I gotted frough the slats on the railing on the balcony in the dark, and I felled ofurr the balcony. I didn't gets hurt fough. At the v-e-t yesterday they weighted me and since Buddah was brave enuf to post his weight, mine was 15.7 lbs. My stabby place is a animal hospital wif lots and lots of v-e-t-s on staff, some of who are still in v-e-t skool. The v-e-t I saw yesterday was nice, but he saided that I has to lose "a pound or 2" 2? 2? 2 pounds? Cripes. Next fing you know they'll say I has to lose 8 pounds and be a skinny bony runt! (no offense to you skinny kitties out there, but I would not look good as a skinny boy)
BUT, want to know the worstest fing of all? I has to have my dental NEXT TUESDAY. They tolded me fough that I does not have to stay ofurrnight. I just go in early in the morning and then mommy picks me up in the afternoon.

So, yesterday afternoon I did not snuggle wif Mommy at all. efurry time she tried, I got all stiff and pushded her away and then when she putted me down, I hid from her. Serves her right. Maybe today I will like her but I doubt it.

The good news is that Sammy has to go to the v-e-t Monday to get stabbed.



Please, any poodin and bean who can, please please please to ofurr to Mao's and bid on his lovely pink robe to help Brandi and her Mom. If we wins, we will haf Mao send it to some lovely lady kitty who might want it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Furrsday Furteen - Floodlight edishun by Miles

Ferst a note to Anonymous who lefted a comment last night: Don't werry, you didn't mess up our counter or anyfing!! Fank you for bisiting us, and fank you for your concern about how I was feeling - that was furry furry nice of you. - Miles

UPDATE: I am being tortchured!! Mommy is taking me to the v-e-t again right now. She says my eye is all red and swollen and goopy, but I say I like to look out from one eye only. Akshually, it does bofurr me lots, but I doesn't want to go to the v-e-t again.

Now, on to the Furrsday Furteen

Thirteen Things I has Gotten my Stoopid Cone e-collar fingyy Stuck on - by Miles Meezer

1…. Mommy's ankle high dis-tressed leafurr cowboy boots

2... Mommy's sneakers (put your shoes away darn it!)

3... The coffee table

4... The balcony railing - ok, well, frough the slats of the balcony railing - and don't ask me how I didded that, 'acause I has no idea

5... The seat of the human litterbox (ok I has to watch the swirly)

6... The side of the dining room table

7... The Pillows on the bed

8... The blankets on the bed

9.. Inside a grocery bag (plastik)

10... The water dish - the top of my head keeps getting wet - don't ask)

11... the oven - (again, don't ask)

12... the curtains to the big patio door - it's hard to get in and out

13... the food dish - I learned how to scoop up food to inside the cone so I can lick it.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007



Site Meter was doing it's fing again last night, and we has 3 winners and maybe 4. Alfough entry 25,000 came frough Bonnie and Victor's site (as was pointed out in our comments), it may or may not haf been them, it was someone who clicked on our link from their site, and it matches exactly the time Grr, Midnight and Cocoa lefted their comment, and also the time Yuki and Kimiko visited too! SOOOOO, BOF of yous are winners. AND, if Bonnie and Victor did visit us last night at the same time, they would be winners too. Site Meter sometimes does not change numbers immediately if 2 people visit at about the same time. Munchkin, Missy and Monte visited a while later, but Site Meter still saided 25,000 - and that was prolly 'acause it was kompiling the statistiks for our weekly report. So, in fairness, all of you wins prizes. Since there is more than 1 of you, mommy has 'acided that all of you gets $15 to send to some kitty in need (which adds up to more than she was going to donate in the ferst place) - eifurr Best Furriends, or Brandi and her Mom, or Oreo and his Mom, or anyone else you know is in need. So, the following poodins need to send us an email at TheMeezers(at)gmail(dot)com to let us know what you want to do wif your $15 AND your address so that we can send you a purrize
Grr, Midnight and Cocoa
Yuki and Kimiko
Munchkin, Missy and Monte
AND Bonnie and Victor if you also visited us.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


UPDATE: we is less than 40 bisits to 25,000 - so make shur to look and see what bisitor number you is


::SIGH:: - Mommy says that I can only haf stinky goodness efurry ofurr day now, 'acuase I has to lose a pound. And we can only haf tem-tay-shuns okashanally instead of all the time.
And I haf to wear this stoopid e-collar for 10 days (unless my owie completely heals 'afore that). And she will haf to give me a baf so that my furs doesn't get matted. AND, I still has to haf goopy stuff put on my chin. At least I gets lots of cuddles, and at least Mommy cutted the cone down some so that my whiskers are outside it and I don't bump into all the walls as much. But I still can't efenn skratch my ears - and they was itchy last night, so I hadded to wake mommy up by putting the bitey on her, and then skratching my cone so that she knowed what I wanted. She tried to skratch my ears, but her claws are not pointed, so it's not the same. It's hard to eat and it's hard to drink, and mommy saided that maybe she would gets a baby bottle for me to drink. HOLY CRAP. ARRGGGHHHH, I can't stand this!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Crappity Crap Crap Crap



Oh, and I need a dental - the v-e-t finks that I haf allergies and that's why I skratched myself open, and why my gums are red and swollen. She saided that cats that are as young as me ushually doesn't need dentals unless there's somefing else going on like allergies or somefing. ::SIGH:: - and I have to lose 1 pound. Mommy says I haf to go on a D-I-E-T. Could life get any werser? ::SIGH::



I HAS TO GO TO THE V-E-T AT 10:00 HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I apalijize


I Miles Meezer, being of sound mind and wiggly body, do hereby formally apal-i-jize to my brofurr Sammy Meezer, for saying that he tried to de-cap-a-tate me. I realize now that I prolly skracthed unner my own chin, giving myself an owie.
I am sorry Sammy, and I will give you 2 of my tem-tay-shuns when we gets them the next time.
My owie is now 3 times the size it was on Friday, and i keeps skratching the scabbie off. Mommy keeps putting goopy stuff on it. YUCK. She tried putting a bandage on me, and I flopped all ofurr the floor and the couch and i would not stand up, and i screamed and yowled and then i finally gotted it off.
Mommy says that if it is yucky tomorrow, she's going to call the V-E-T!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007



Phew- Mommy camed home wif her head on. I'm not an orphan. Fanks for all of your support when I was freaked out.

Daddy is now jobbie hunting too. There's still no jobbies for him where we lif, so we will haf to see what happens.

We now haf our own store! Someone has to earn our tem-tay-shuns money. Please buy somefing if you is so inklined. We will also donate 10% of what we make to ofurr kitties in need.

Our Catster pages are FINALLY done. Our buttons are in the sidebar.

AND - Sammy tried to remove my head the ofurr day. I has a big owie unner my chin - but I would sit still enuf yet for mommy to take a pikshur. Anyway it's kind of gross. My furs is gone there, and there's a big gash and it's red and it was bleeding, but now it has a gross scabby on it. I figured no one would want to see a gross scabby owie. He hates me and he wanted my head to come off.

Thursday, January 04, 2007



::Sniffing and sobbing::

The headhunters are taking mommy to lunch today. THEY'RE GONNA EAT HER HEAD FOR LUNCH!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA BE AN ORPHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::sniffing and sobbing::

SAMMY - our Furrsday Furteen will return next week - after we figure out if mommy will haf a head or not.

UPDATE: um, looks like we will need anofurr headhunter. Our Daddy gotted laid off from his jobbie today too. Please say purrayers that they will get jobbies soon!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I WIN!!!


No, not the 25,000 bisiter contest - alfough we gotted about 130 bisits yesterday - far short of our 1000 bisit goal. We need 856 more bisits. Keep checking the counter - the more bisits the quicker we haf a winner.

I winned "THE MOST ANNOYING CAT" contest last night. This is how I didded it:

I waited till Mommy was sleeping, then I started poking her in the eye to wake her up. Once she waked up, I started pawing the covers really hard, right at the top. Mommy guessded that I wanted to go unner the covers and askded me why I just didn't go unner like I do efurry ofurr night. I maded her lift up the covers way high so that I could see all the way unner the covers to the bottom of the bed. Then I sat there on the pillow and tried to 'acide if I really wanted to go unner the covers. Finally, when she started putting them down, I ran unner and laid down in snuggling position. When she started to snuggle me and go back to sleep, I crawled out to lay back on the pillows. She saided that I winned the most annoying cat competishun. I didn't efen know there was one! But if I winned, I deserve a prize.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007



It's our 1st blogaversary! One year ago today I didded the ferst post, so I gets to do the blogaversary post.

We is getting close to 25,000 bisiters too! If you is number 25,000, please let us know and we will give a$25.00 to where-ever you wants it to go - Best Friends, Brandi and her Mom, Oreo's Mom or someplace else, and send you a little giftie! So, let us know what number you is - our number thingy is now at the bottom of our sidebar - unner the archives.

PS - come on now! we is trying for at least 1000 hits today!!!! efurryone just keep coming back! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.

Monday, January 01, 2007



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We spented it in bed wif mommy - she has been sickie all weekend wif a bird or somefing that flew. She finally got her big butt out of bed tonight though. (SAMMY - oooooooooooooooo, you is gonna get it so bad for saying that!)

SO, since she spented the weekend in bed, I didn't get any treats for the new year. NO ham. NO turkey. NO Chick-hen. NO NUFFING. I feel furry neglekted. But, since I didded such a good job purring on her, I expekt SOMEFING tomorrow - maybe a ham hoagie for lunch. Or a ham hock for dinner. Or maybe a fried turkey or somefing.

I ALMOST jumpded high enuf from the bed to touch the ceiling - one time (at band camp...... sorry, we was watching stoopid movies) when mommy gotted up to use the human litterbox room, I maded her pile all the pillows on top of each ofurr on the bed, and then she putted me on top of the pile. I jumped and ALMOST gotted as high as the ceiling. (SAMMY - then he missed the center of the pillow pile on the way down and crashed, and all the pillows landed on top of him. It was AWSOMELY funny.)

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...