Thursday, January 31, 2008

Award and meme Thursday

Oh. My. Bast.
Lookit what my wonderful marvelous beautiful tuxie angel princess girlfriend Abby
gived me (er, US).
I is just so happy and purroud.
Fank you so much Abby!
Did I tell you how wonderful Abby is?

oh goodness, we think everyone's blog is excellent, and we so hate hafing to pick just some, because our mommy teached us to love everyone just the same.
So for this time,
We would like to gif this award to
Max - our hero
Angus - a wonderful dude
Magoo, Bella, Dolce and Baci - because they always haf wonderful stories
William (and Caroline, Olivia and Russell) because we haf always loved their blog
our new furriends Wrigley and Cobalt
Also, we gotted tagged by The Zoo for the nickname meme. We did this one already, but it's good that we gotted tagged again because since them mommy has started calling us more nicknames than you can count. so, here we go
Sammy - the one I like - Angel Face
the ones I don't like - Sam-a-lam-a-ding-dong (this is an old one) sammy-sam-sam (another one), squishy belly flab boy
Miles - well, Miles no longer has only one nickname (Poosie) - he now has the following nicknames - all of which he hates: poosie pooserman, poose-a-lishus, the ever popular freaky boy, chub butt, girly hips (oh yeah, he does haf girly hips, but that's just rude to point it out to him), skunk boy (this is actually and old one going back to when he was a baby meezer and he hadded 2 black stripes down his back like a reverse skunk)
We think everyone has been tagged for this, but if you haf not played, consider yourself tagged

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


well, it's been a week of lessons. mainly concerning my use of my teefs this week. (don't get mommy started that my teefs might be herting me) so my rule is this:
learn what the sensitive parts of your human's face are and DON'T Bite them - unless you want to be called a "little freak".


ok, ferst, my original plan of posting a video of me whapping stuff off the dining room table was dashed last night when mommy picked up the camera and the yelled some werds from the bad werd list. Apparently, sometime after the whapping video and last night, she erased EFURRYFING from the camera. I am furry disappointed in her.

So......... this week I am going to talk about sibling whapping.
There are various sibling whapping techniques that I would like to discuss. (there are pointers here for those cats without siblings too)

1. The drive by whapping. this is especially effective if your sibling is napping and you are not . just run by and whap an ear. guaranteed to make your sibling sit up and take notice. For those if you with no siblings do a drive by on the leg of your human.

2. The instigator whap. especially effective when you want to rassle with your sibling. This includes laying your ears flat, reaching your paw out to touch your siblings head and then raising is up fast and slamming it down on top of their head.
For those of you without siblings, when your human is petting you, lay your ears flat and then at the earliest opportunity, haul off and whap their hand. DO NOT use your claws. This may get you some fun arm rassling action.

3. The cranky whap. To be used whenever you just are in a bad mood. this is the time where you just walk up to your sibling and smack them on the head - hissing is optional. I do not recommend this tactic for kitties with no siblings as this leads to cranky humans as well.

Try these tactics out this week and see how much fun they are!

Monday, January 28, 2008



Mommy says I'm cranky. Sammy snuggled me all day yesterday, which he has NEFUR done since I moved in here when I was a baby (snuggling was grampa norton's job). So, I repaid him last night by smacking him in the face and biting his ear. Why? because he looked at me weird. Mommy says he can't help it because he has crossed eyes, but i say he was looking at me weird.

I guess he won't be snuggling me again any time soon


Meezer Email Monday


Crappity crap crap crap - what do you mean that I could not haf winned the South Africa AND Netherlands lotteries because I didn't buy any tickets? The EMAIL says I winned, so somebody must haf buyed tickets for me. The email would not lie. It clearly says I WINNED. I'm gonna buy the tem-tay-shuns factory.

Meezer Mom: Miles, that's called SPAM email, and it's not true.

MILES: but............. read it! It says I WINNED. and SPAM is yucky canned ham-like-food-product. It can't even be sent over the innernets. so you're just making that up.

SPAM mail, sheesh. does you think I'm STOOPID or somefing?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I poot in your general direction

My Fellow New Yorkers

They Winds of Cheynge are blowing across New York
and it's all because of Cheysuli and Derby
Um, why are you putting on gas masks?
Cheysuli stands for all that is right in America
::what's going on over in the corner? did someone pass out?::
A vote for Cheysuli and Derby is a vote for........
I don't smell any noxshus fumes, who's making all those gagging noises?
I'm sorry
do NOT give Miles pork and beans for lunch before a speech
Paws for the Winds of Cheynge

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Memes

Our wonderul friends Eric and Flynn gived us this award. We is so honored. We want to give it to EVERYONE because you ALL make our day and we are so blessed and richer for knowing you all.
We gotted tagged for more new memes!! WOO HOOO! We is going to split them up.

Ferst, here's one from our friend Tigmut'hep

It's nice and simple, all you need to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to me and the purrson who gave it to you and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about! :)

So, here are 3 things that are new with me:

1. I now spend most of my days in my blue tent with the spicy vixen snuggle in it. BUT, when Sammy goes into the red cat tent, I get all upset and haf to lay in that one.

2. I now spend all night sleeping on mommy's feet unner the top quilt but on top of the sheet and bottom quilt in the sleeping room.

3. I have learned to sit on my back feets and eat tem-tay-shuns from mommy's hand. mommy says i act like a woofie. ::Sigh::

I want to tag


Ok now it's my turn, I am going to do a meme from my friend Mickey!!

This meme was created by the charming cats at
The rules are: you have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to
Then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.
What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

Oh, this is so perfect for me! OK, so I would:
1. Whap the TV off the TV stand in the bedroom.
3. tie mommy down so that i can lay on her face all day like i do all night.

I would like to tag:

1. My sweet girlfriend Abby
3. my buddy Derby
4. My hero Max

yeah, I know that's more than 3, but i'm a rule breaker.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


It's Meezer Rule Wednesday! My rule for today is:

Be careful where you use your "claw of doom" - bean hineys may be fleshy, but for some reason they are furry sensitive to being poked.

Study this pikshur carefully. This was the whappage from a whapping rampage last summer. Notice the total destruction of the dining room table - centerpiece whapped over, 2 containers of food whapped over, and as a bonus, total disarray of the tablecloth and placemats. This was one of my better whapping sessions.
Always look for opportunities for total destruction.
Oh, and also notice my posture - totally innocent. I'm sitting still like a good boy. When you look innocent and sit still like a good boy, the mom's don't get too mad.

This week practice some total destruction - run across a table really fast and see what flies.
We have been tagged for more memes, which we are werking on and will post tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Meme - Nicknames!!


We has been tagged for a new meme by our friends Panda Bear, Padre and Meerkat!

This is a cool meme!

Here are the rules:

Post a link to the kitty who tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

List your real name, how you got your real name, nicknames you like/tolerate, and nicknames you wish your humans would stop calling you.

Tag several kitties, and write a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Ok I will go first:

Sammy - Sammy is maybe my real and true name that I whispered to my mommy. It's either that or Wilson, but I will never tell her, because I refuse to answer to ANY name. EVER. You can look at me and be 3 inches from my face and scream SAMMY LOOK AT ME and I will not look at you. I do NOT come running when my name is called (unlike some other meezer who lives here). my full name is Samuel Alfonse Meezer (SAM)

Nicknames I like/tolerate being called: Whappy Whapinator, the Wapmeister, the Whapinator (my superhero persona).

Nicknames I do NOT like: Sam-sam bam-bam. SQUISHY. bam-bam. angel pie. sam-sam. samuel. special angel. baby face. cross eyed goober. cutie patootie butt. sweetie petit-ee. angel pie guy.


My real name is Miles. I gotted this name because Daddy is weird. See, he named the other kitties that came before, Trixie, Norton and Ralph from some old TV show. Mommy named Sammy (see above) and when she gotted me, my name from my first daddy was Whitey, which was kind of stoopid. So she asked Daddy to name me and he came up with Miles. Sam and Miles were characters in some weird movie called The Maltese Falcon. I've seen the movie. Daddy is obviously color blind as he only knows characters from black and white movies and TV.

Nicknames I like/tolerate: I only haf one nickname. POOSIE.

Nicknames I hate: POOSIE (although I do sometimes come running when mommy calls that name).

We tag:


George, Max, Tipper and Misty

Scooby, Shaggy and Scout

Marilyn Monreow

the gang at Whiskers and Purrs

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mancat Memoriam Monday

April 15 1991- January 20, 2008
We will miss you terribly dear friend. You taught us that even the manliest of mancats can be sweet and gentle.
Our hearts are very sad and we will miss you terribly.
Goodbye gentle friend.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friends Sunday

So, we are catching up an pictures and awards today.
We gotted this award from our wonderful new friends Captain Jack and Dante! Fank you so much guys!
We gotted this award from our dear old friends Bonnie and Victor! Fank you so much, you make our day too!!
We gotted this award from the lovely Miss Isis! Thank you so much Isis, we really appreciate it!

Here are the things we gotted from Tyler and from Junior! Awsome slippers and treats from Tyler and a mitten wif cool mousie toys and treats from Junior. Mommy hadded to put them all together when we gotted them, because we kept whapping stuff around, plus I kept wandering off wif the treats.

The slippers are cool and mommy loves them. they kind of freaked me out - i mean, there's FACES on them. but they're akshually comfy to lay on.

We will think on who to pass the awards on to - it's hard to think so we will take a nap ferst.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fashion Friday

Ferst, mommy finded the cord to the camera, and she put all our pikshurs on the 'puter. We is werking on posts for the presents we gotted that we haf not posted about, so they WILL be up this weekend.
Second, we gotted more awards and we will post about THEM this weekend also.
Therd, it's my ferst Fashion Friday. I am wearing a sweater that has a vishus deer on it. Mommy thinks I look cute. I think it's appaling!

and of course Sammy is laffin and laffin at me.
Ok, so the sweater was akshually comfortable and warm, it has a vishus deer on it.
See what I mean? I need a mommy that will not make me wear vishus deer clothing.

Thursday, January 17, 2008



Our mother is USELESS. We haf pikshurs on the camera to post and she cannot find the cord to go from the camera to the 'puter.

Does anyone know where we can get a new one? - Um, mother, not camera cable. I'm shur a new mother would be able to find the cable right away.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


::SIGH:: I almost hadded a TERRIBLE accident yesterday. I was upstairs wandering around and singing (or hollering if you believe my mother) and I decided to practice some circus stunts - hanging over the balcony and doing some tight rope walking on the balcony ledge, and all of a sudden I SLIPPED. Mommy hollered and I hung on for dear life and was able to pull myself back up onto the ledge by my claws before mommy could rescue me. She called me to come downstairs and I came running and she pickded me up and hugged me and told me I was too FAT to be doing that. Here I am traumatized and she calls me FAT. Well, she did apologize for the fat remark after a little while, so I gave her a face pat and a kissy.

Here is my Meezer Rule for today: always know your limitations and make sure you have sharpclaws.

Well fellow kitties, I hope you did your homewerk last week and took a tour of your houses wif an eye towards the whappables. Here is my absolute favorite whappable: The wireless DSL router. It's on a table right 'ahind the couch. My spot on the couch is directly over this table, and when mommy reclines in her seat, I am about 4 inches away from it. I can get down and lay on the table or just reach out and whap. oh and that flower thing is fun to whap too.

This is mommy cell phone. Notice the damage to it -it's all beat up and scratched and chipped. This is from over a year of whapping it into walls. When it's opened, the display sometimes does not light up right. Again, this is from repeated whapping into the wall.

This is me in pre-whap posishun. I am eyeing my target and licking my lips in an-tis-a-pashun

This is the proper post "whap reach" - remember to get good extenshun wif your whapping paw

Your assignment for this week is to practice the pre-whap posishun and the post whap stretch. It's important to get full extension and practice helps.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I so totall did NOT....


...bite my own paw playing red dot.

::grumbling:: she thinks she's SOOOOOOOOOOO funny aiming the red dot at my paws. mean horrible awful mommy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meezer Monday and more awards

Miles does NOT own all the tents. All of MY toys are in this awsome tent, so it's MINE - no matter how much he whines about it


We are so truly humbled to have received the Thinking Blogger award from Tigmut'hep and Angus. We just don't know what to say. You is all so wonderful and we is so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

We don't know who to give this too as it's making it's way around really fast.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Maobert and Annie, Please come home!!!

Please stop by Skeezix's place and add your purrrrsss to everyone's purrs over there. We can bring Mao home!!!

Annie from Krasota Castle has been missing since Thursday. She is a mommy kitty and an indoor kitty and everyone there is very very worried about her. Please stop by Krasota Castle and send lots of purrrrrsss to bring her home too. She's a very sweet and beautiful girl and she needs to be home with her babies.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally Friday and awards


It's finally Friday!! YAY!! We do haf some pikshurs of pressies we gotted from Junior and Tyler, but we has to sit on mommy to get them off the camera. We is sorry it's taking so long to post them. ::SIGH:: ::ROLLS EYES AT MOMMY::

Our friends Tybalt and William were so kind to give us this award! Thank you Tybalt!! Thank you William!!!

Here are the rules:
1. You must write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Acknowledge this post.
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.
4. Go tell your humans to fork over the treats!

We would like to pass this on to:

Tesla who is a new blogger, and cute (and also needs some purrs right now)

Prince Muddy, Myst and Dandelion because they are all so cute and make mommy smile

Skittles because she makes us laff out loud (and had great yoga classes with a whole ham just for Miles after almost every class)

SophieKitty, a new friend

and Java, a new meezer friend

We also got this award from our wonderful friend Tara (and her brother Kavan)

Yao lin created this award for the sole purpose of recognizing those bloggers who are, quite literally, gems.

We would like to pass this on to

Patches, Mittens, Precious, Mistrie and Winter (who is new in the Big Piney Woods). - our bestest friends

Frostin, Obsidian, Munchkin, Ashlyn and Boots - they are a royal court with wonderful beans

Beau Beau and Angie who are both so cute

Bonnie and Victor who are very wonderful friends

and Egypt, Dino, Maxie, Tuxie and Midnight our wonderful friends in Colorado

Now mommy, get off your butt and get those pikshurs posted- our friends will start to think we are ungrateful Meezers! I will even try to NOT sleep on your face if it make any difference.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen naughty things I haf done this week

1. knocked over the side table by the couch. twice.

2. tripped mommy in the hall way (well she has HUGE feets, she needs to learn to control them)

3. threw up by the stairs

4. threw up in my dinner dish

5. threw up in front of my dinner dish

6. pooted in mommy's face while she was sleeping - and woke her up

7. changed the TV channel with my butt (if she would stop putting the 'amote on the couch where I sit this would not happen)

8. tried to pull the curtains by the slidy door down

9. ran my claws up and down the wall over mommy's head while she was sleeping. and woke her up

10. kicked mommy in the head while she was sleeping. and woke her up.

11. pushed Sammy off the back of the couch while he was sleeping.

12. kicked the coins all over the place when she was counting them. ( I think she stolded Sammy's windowsill money from the human litterbox room because the pile there used to be huge, and now it's mostly small brown metal round things)

13 bit mommy's nose.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Meezer Rule and Whapping Wednesday


Me ferst! Today is Meezer Rule Wednesday. My rule for today is:

When someone has a big huge pile of coins that they is counting, make shur to stand in the middle of it and kick the coins around. This makes the beans say lots of werds on your bad werd list AND makes them forget how to count.

Oh, by the way mommy, sorry about kicking your coins around. hee hee. (not).


Welcome to the ferst Whapping Wednesday. This is the day that I, Sammy Meezer, king of the whap, will teach all of you my whapping tek-neek.

Todays ferst lesson is how to determine where the best opportunities for whapping are.
In my experience the best place for whapping is in the sleeping room. There are usually tables next to the bed, and on those tables are great whappable things, like cell phones, clocks, glasses that beans use to see and most importantly water glasses. Lots of beans put a cover on the water glass to keep us kitties from drinking out of them during the night, but they are not always whap proof. Also, if your beans think that water bottles are safe, they are sadly mistaken.
In the living room, if you has a fireplace and there is a shelf over it, that usually contains some great whappables. The kind that would make the beans heads explode if they saw you whapping them.
In the kit-chen, stuff on the counters is always good to whap- especially if it has grainy stuff inside - like salt or sugar - you know, stuff that requires the beans to get out mops and rug-sucking monsters.
The bathroom is also a wonderful source of whappables- especially if you has a lady bean who has lots of colored goo that she puts on her face. Or stuff on the sides of the tub.
Your assignment for this week is to walk through your house and make a note of where there are lots of whappables located and make a mental note of it.
Next week: What is whappable and what is not worth it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Guess what? Our Cafepress Store is BACK. I haf put up my shops - The Faro of the Foo-ton shop, the crappity-crap-crap-crap shop, The Modern Meezer General Shop and a joint shop wif Sammy - the Total Werld Dom-in-a-shun shop. Sammy is werking on his shops. We are hoping to make some money to help out mommy and daddy until they gets jobs. Take a look around our store and buy somefing if you feel like it.

Guess what else? This is weird. Last night, Mommy gived us some ham babyfoods and Sammy akshually eated his. And I didn't eat mine. How weird is that? I don't know why I didn't eat mine. I eated pork chop for dinner after, so mommy didn't think I was sick. It smelled weird to me. I like the ham babyfood in ham cookies, but it was just weird in the bowl. I akshually think Sammy eated mine too. He has NEFUR eaten baby foods before and he doesn't eat people food, so mommy was surprised. She thinks that aliens came and switched us and madded us into pod-cats.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Finally Friday



I can see the bottom of the crunchy bowl. I looked in the food cabinet and there is no crunchy bag, or even a box in there. Mommy said that I haf enough to last till tomorrow, but, when I get nervous I eat crunchies, and seeing the bottom of the cruncy bowl makes me nervous, so I will prolly eat them all by 3am and then I will start the boob-walk. and that will teach her that when daddy offers to go out to the convienence store and get more crunchies, she should say yes. and that it doesn't matter if he's wearing jammies and it's like minus eleventy four degrees outside. my crunchies are the most important thing.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New ways to annoy


Thirteen new ways of annoying Mommy:

1. playing jingle balls in the middle of the night

2. dragging fev-ver wands onto the bed in the middle of the night

3. making mommy sleep wif one arm straight out or over her head all night

4. storing stuff unner the love seat and then staring at it until she brings it out

5. putting it all back unner the love seat

6. throwing toys in and out of the tents

7. 38 laps around the living room from the big slidy window to the kitchen wif a big poofy tail, which makes her get up and turn on the outside light. which scares the aliens away so she can't see them.

8. begging for dinner and then letting Miles eat it all

9. digging in plastic bags

10. begging for tem-tay-shuns and then walking away. then coming back to beg again, then walking away, then coming back to beg again and finally eating them. REALLY S---L----O---W so that she has to hold Miles so he won't eat mine

11. laying on the couch behind mommy and licking my lips every 5 seconds - really loud

12. yakking up kibble - one piece at a time

13. pretending i want bean food and licking the piece she gives me and walking away. if i lick it Miles won't eat it either. hee hee.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday - and It's our Blogaversary!


Wow, so much is going on! Ferst, IT'S OUR 2nd BLOGAVERSARY!!
We haf meeted so many wonderful wonderful kitties, beans, woofies, buns and any other species we forgotted to menshun. We can't believe it's been 2 years already!

So, with all this excitement going on, how does mommy celebrate? BY TRASHING OUR BLOG!!! Yes, that's right, stoopid mommy TRASHED our blog. We lost quite a few sidebar things like our Simply Siamese badge, and the ability to put pikshurs above our blog posts (mainly because she could not remember which 3 column blog she used before). I was SO angry that I kicked her. (Sammy's' note: He kicked her in the boob yesterday morning, a few hours BEFORE she trashed the blog. but not because of that, he did it because she was laying on his tail).

So, here's my Meezer Rule for today:
always back up your blog template. Or just don't let the humans mess with it.

Starting next week, we will be hafing a dual wednesday post. We will be hafing my normal Meezer Rule Wednesday and we will also haf the ferst weekly Whapping Wednesday lessons from Sammy. Some of them may even be video lessons!! (if mommy is fast enough to get him on video before he notices her).

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Glitter Graphics -

Happy New Year efurryone!!!

It's time for our New Year Resolutions!


1. I resolve to beg for tem-tay-shuns more

2. I resolve to eat as much ham as I can without exploding

3. I resolve to play thundering herd of elefants wif Sammy at least 3 times a day

4. I resolve to go camping more wif my girlfriendcat

5. I resolve to try efurry flavor of stinky goodness on the planet


1. I resolve to whap EFURRYFING in the house

2. I resolve to haf weekly whapping lessons for all of the cats in the catblogosphere

3. I resolve to snuggle more wif my sweetie girlfriend Abby

4. I resolve to lay on mommy's face in the middle of the night more often

5. I resolve to be a more finicky eater and keep mommy guessing as to what i will eat on any particular day

Update on us

SAMMY I had a v-e-t appointment last week and the v-e-t is kind of werried 'acause i might haf another skin cancer starting.  she will...